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NSW: Provider Calculator Results Import

You can import the Commitment ID information from the spreadsheet file that the government sends to you by going to Utilty > NSW claims > Provider calculator results import.

  1. Locate the file to be imported.
  2. Click Load data.
  3. The grid fills with the data in the spreadsheet.
  4. Click here to drop down a list that allows you to change or rearrange the fields that you see in the wizard.
  5. The Status column will be coloured as follows:
    • Green - The client has been matched and all data is correct. This record can be imported.
    • Yellow - The client has been matched but some details are different. This record can be imported but you should check to ensure that the data is for the correct person.
    • Red - This row has not been matched, and cannot be imported.

      Click a coloured box for more information about the error or warning.

  6. Tick the rows you want to import, or tick the Use heading to tick all boxes. Only green or yellow rows can be ticked.
  7. Click Save data.

This process will save the Commitment ID information against the relevant enrolments in VETtrak.


VETtrak will only use some of the columns from the file, as detailed below. The data for these columns must begin in Row 2 of the file (allowing for column headings in Row 1).

(Column) (Data) (VETtrak Column)
A Activity Period  
B Reference ID Commitment ID
C Surname Surname
D First Name First name
E Other Name  
F Gender  
G Date Of Birth DOB
H Enquiry Date  
I Notified Date Notified date
J Expiry Expiry
K Planned Start Start date
L Planned End  
M Cancelled Date Cancelled date
N Status Status
O Code Qual code
P PAS No.  
Q Name  
R Program  
S Region  
T Student Fee Student Fee
U Subsidy Subsidy
V Standard Subsidy  
W Needs Loading Needs Loading
X Location Loading Location Loading
Y CT/RPL Entered  
Z National Provider ID  
AA Provider Student ID  
AB Bulk Upload File Name  
AC Fee/Waiver Code  
AD USI Validation Status  
AE USI Invalid Message  
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