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Skills Victoria (SVTS) Payment History Import

The Skills Victoria Payment History Import relies upon a file provided from SVTS.

The file required is the Payment History Details report, which can be downloaded from SVTS each month.

VETtrak will only use some of the columns from the file, as detailed below. The data for these columns must begin in Row 2 of the file (allowing for column headings in Row 1).

(column) (data) (VETtrak Column) (format)
A ClaimID  
B ModuleStartDate  
C ModuleEndDate  
D ClaimHours Hours Integer (eg. 5)
E Amount Amount Double up to 4 decimal places (eg 20.0000)
F ClaimPaymentStatus  
G STARModuleID Unit String (Unit code)
H ModuleName  
I DELTAStudentID  
J FullName Client String (eg. Surname, FirstName)
K RTO Student ID Client Code String (VETtrak client code)
L Course Commence Date Commence Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
M Course ID Qualification Code or the Parent Qualification Code where there is one
N ContractID Purchasing Contract String
O Eligibility Exemption Identifier  
P Course Name  
R Funding Source Code Funding Char/String (eg. P,L)
S Campus Location  
T AmountBasePayment  
U AmountRegionalLoading  
V AmountIndigenousLoading  
W AmountYouthLoading  
X AmountVCALLoading  
Y Invoice Number  


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