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VIC: Pre-accredited Delivery (ACFE Funding)

Pre-accredited training is a scheme administered by ACFE in Victoria. This training, though not nationally recognised, is still funded by the State, and needs to be included in AVETMISS reporting through SVTS. Pre-accredited training is delivered by Learn Local Organisations (LLOs), who may or may not be RTOs.

To enable correct reporting, specific options must be set in VETtrak. These requirements are detailed in the Pre-accredited Delivery Handbook, available here:

  • Identify ONLY as ‘Code 61 – Community-based Adult Education Provider’ in the NAT10 file in SVTS reporting

    The training organisation provider type should be set to 'Community based adult education provider (61)' in VETtrak. To find this setting, go to 'Manage', 'Configuration'. Expand the 'Organisation' group, and then right click on your organisation to edit it.

    Ensure that the Provider Type selected is code 61: 



  • Report every pre-accredited program via SVTS with the same local code and local name used in the Pre-accredited Delivery Plan (even if a different name is used to advertise the course). 

    Every pre-accredited program/course should be created as a Module in VETtrak. The Pre-accredited Delivery Plan granted to the organisation should provide details of the Code, Name and Field of Education to use for each program/module. To create a Module, go to 'Manage', 'Qualifications'. Expand 'Course based'. You can expand 'All Modules (Subjects)' to view existing modules, or right click on it to Add a new module.

    Enter the Local Code, Local Name and Field of Education into the Module Wizard, as per your Delivery Plan.

    Most importantly ensure that the 'Yes is VET' tickbox is ticked.


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