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VETtrak 4.4.1 Release Notes

VETtrak must not be upgraded to version 4.4.1.x until you have completed your state government reporting obligations for 2013. If you are unsure, please make sure you check with your state government department that they have finalised your 2013 data.

If you are upgrading from any 4.3.x.x version of VETtrak, please read the version 4.4.0 release notes first.

Release - 27/06/2014

The changes in this minor update from version are:


  1. Unit payment history wizard. A new "View unit payment history" option has been added to the right-click menu for client enrolments, allowing you to view the history of payment amounts and hours that have been imported against units in the enrolment (via the VIC, QLD or SA Payment Importers), with totals for each unit and for the enrolment overall. Users with Security can turn off access to this wizard in roles in the Security Manager.
  2. QLD Payment Importer. This wizard now supports both Cert III Guarantee (QS) and Trainee/Apprentice (PS) format spreadsheets. A new "Submission type" field has been added allowing you to select which type of spreadsheet you are importing.
  3. Error in SA Payment Importer. The foreign key violation error that could occur when importing an SA payments file with an empty unit of competency in it has been fixed.


  1. Sent SMS register. A new Sent SMS Register has been added to the Utility menu. This allows you to filter, view and export SMS messages that have been sent from VETtrak, including replies and future scheduled messages.
  2. View email wizard. You can now right-click and view the full details of a sent email in the Client or Employer Managers.
  3. Employer enrolment email merge context. You can now create email merge templates for a new employer enrolment context. This has much the same fields as the occurrence enrolment context, excluding the client fields but including the employer and contact name fields. This context is used when right-clicking an employer enrolment and selecting "Email employer". Note: Employer enrolments are only available in Premium modules (Booking feature).
  4. Occurrence ID, employer and contact merge fields. New merge fields for "Occurrence ID", "Employer name", "Contact given" and "Contact surname" have been added to the occurrence enrolment and occurrence class contexts for email and SMS templates.
  5. SMS message replies. The SMS replies functionality now recognises more responses, including "opt out", "yep", "yeah", "confirm", "decline", "reject" and "cancel".


  1. Current active clients for occurrence. Expanding the Details node for an occurrence in the Programme Manager will now show a new "Currently active clients" node, indicating the number of currently active client enrolments in the occurrence.
  2. Recording occurrence unit results for linked enrolments. When recording occurrence results for a unit, VETtrak will now validate that you are not recording the same result more than once for the same client in the same unit. This can occur if you are using linked enrolments, causing the same client to appear more than once in the wizard. This is to assist when recording results for dual qualifications.
  3. Changing occurrence status. When marking an occurrence complete and applying this status change to the enrolments in the occurrence, the status of cancelled enrolments will no longer be changed. Similarly, using the tickbox on the last page of the occurrence wizard to apply all the occurrence settings to the enrolments will no longer update the status of any cancelled or complete enrolments in the occurrence.
  4. Programme Manager filtering. In the Programme Manager, displaying occurrences by employer (available in Premium modules) now also includes occurrences where the employer is linked (not just bookings). An issue with the location filter has also been fixed.
  5. Enrolling from waitlist with notes. When enrolling a client into an occurrence from the waitlist, any notes that were entered against the waitlist entry will now be carried forward onto the new enrolment.
  6. Publishing cancelled occurrences. It is no longer possible to web-publish a cancelled occurrence in the Programme Manager.
  7. Adding occurrence units with points. An issue with adding a new unit to the enrolments in an occurrence when the "Use points in enrolments" preference is ticked has been fixed.


  1. Linking enrolments to awards with different qualifications. VETtrak will now warn you when linking an enrolment to an award, where the enrolment and award have a different qualification.
  2. PNG client images. VETtrak will now allow PNG format images to be stored against clients in the Client Personal Wizard.
  3. Client Manager search by occurrence ID. Searching by occurrence ID in the Client Manager will now not show any clients whose enrolment in the occurrence is cancelled.


  1. News feed. A news feed has been added to the dashboard, showing the latest news from the VETtrak website. Double-click a news item to view the full story in your web browser. The news feed will not be shown if Internet connectivity is unavailable.
  2. AVETMISS values lists. It is recommended to go to the Utility menu -> Update AVETMISS values after upgrading to, to apply updates to some of the lists (such as countries, languages and ANZSCOs).
  3. Notes in Qualification Manager. A notes panel has been added to the Qualification Manager, allowing easy access to view or edit notes for the selected record in the tree.
  4. Waiter refresh. A Refresh button has been added to the Waiter, allowing the list of clients for a programme to be refreshed.
  5. Web enrolment processing security. New security entities for "web enrolment", "web waitlist" and "web reservation" have been added to the API Functions feature in the Security Manager. This allows you to separately control access to being able to view and reject (delete) these types of records in the Process Web Enrolments Manager.
  6. QLD delivery type. Delivery type drop-downs will no longer include the QLD delivery type 23 if you are not working in QLD.
  7. National reporting of WA Aust Apprentices. When you need to include a DELTA number in a national collection (eg. when reporting WA Aust Apprentices to the NCVER), it will now report the DELTA student number from the start of the Contract code/TRS No field in the contract.
  8. Delivery strategy when recording results in WA. When recording results, the delivery strategy will now be validated depending on the state of the enrolment's location (not the state selected at the top of the screen). Also, delivery strategy is no longer required for a nationally-reportable enrolment in WA.
  9. Error in notes panel. The "Parameter DESCRIPTION not found" error that could occur in some notes panels has been fixed.
  10. Room Wizard locations. The location drop-down in the Room Wizard now shows locations from the correct state.
  11. Email Preferences individual staff logins. An issue with the loading of the "Use individual staff member email logins" tickbox on the Email Preferences page has been fixed.
  12. Extension terminology. In the registration key and the About box, optional add-on products are now called "add-ons" instead of extensions. Custom-developed extensions are now called "customisations".

Release - 7/03/2014

The changes in this minor update from version are:

  1. VIC changes. The changes listed in the "Summary of Changes to Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines" (VVSSCG-SC-20140206) document released by the Victorian DEECD on 6/02/2014 have been addressed and are fully supported in this version of VETtrak.
  2. VIC payment history import. The VIC Payment History Import Wizard has a new tickbox to "Don't check funding or purchasing contract", which is ticked by default. When ticked, this allows you to import a payment file without VETtrak checking the funding or purchasing contract details.
  3. QLD payment history import. The QLD Claim Summary Import Wizard has been replaced by a new QLD Payment History Import Wizard. It now works with Cert III guarantee and does not require contracts. There is also a new Payment History Rollback Wizard for rolling back these imports. Note that the old Claim Summary Rollback Wizard is still available, for rolling back older claims.
  4. VIC, SA and QLD payment history importers. A "Use" tickbox column has been added, allowing you to ignore certain rows in the import. The SA and QLD importers now work in the same way as the VIC importer.
  5. Empty postcodes in Suburb Wizard. The Victorian DEECD has rescinded the ability to have a postcode of "VIC", so this has been removed from VETtrak. A postcode of @@@@ is now allowed.
  6. Blank address in NAT80. In AVETMISS generation of the NAT80 file, street number and name are now allowed to be blank when the postcode is 0000, OSPC or @@@@.
  7. Email occurrence enrolment. When sending a template email to a single client occurrence enrolment, or to employees in an employer enrolment, VETtrak will now use the "Occ Enrolment" merge context templates instead of the "Client" context.
  8. Room merge fields. A new RoomName merge field has been added to the Occ Class merge context, to show the name of the room of the class. A new 1stClassRoomName merge field has been added to the Occ Enrolment merge context, to show the name of the room of the enrolled client's first class in the occurrence. These new merge fields can be used in both Email and SMS merge templates.
  9. Docking in managers. You are now able to dock panels to any side of the Client, Staff and Employer Managers by drag-and-drop.
  10. Award reportability. When creating an award for an enrolment or occurrence, the Reportability option will now default to that on the enrolment or occurrence.
  11. Generate scheduled invoices with high DPI. The Search and Save buttons now display correctly in the Generate Scheduled Invoices Wizard when running with high DPI settings.
  12. Record learning outcome results. The recording of learning outcome results in the Record Results Manager has been fixed.
  13. Archive client security. When archiving a client, the availability of the Archive Client dialog options (to remove the client from groups, classes or waitlists) are now properly controlled by security access levels. The same also occurs when changing an enrolment status, in the options to add or remove the client to or from their classes.
  14. Employer booking corporate pricing. Employer bookings that are using the "actual employees" calculation method for corporate pricing will now not include cancelled employee enrolments when calculating the actual number of employees in the booking.
  15. Add client personal details security. Users who have Add but not Edit access to Client are now able to enter personal details when creating a new client if "Edit personal information for this client" is ticked on the last page of the Client Wizard.
  16. Schedule Type Wizard Test button. The Test button on the Schedule Type Wizard will now perform the test with a contract, an enrolment, both a contract and enrolment, or an occurrence, depending on which merge fields are used.
  17. Transfer enrolment to booking. VETtrak now allows a client enrolment to be transferred to a booking, as well as to an occurrence.
  18. Award report mapping. Clicking the Add button on the award report mappings screen now opens a wizette to fill out.
  19. Bulk Staff Changer Use column. The "Use" column in the Bulk Staff Changer will now toggle the tickboxes only on rows that are being displayed in the current filter and expanded groups.
  20. Send email template "argument out of range" error. The "argument out of range" error that could occur when sending template emails that contain images has been fixed.
  21. Invoice Wizard format error. The "Format '%m' invalid or incompatible with argument" error that could potentially occur in the Invoice Wizard has been fixed.
  22. Publish occurrences. Cancelled occurrences are no longer shown in the Publish Occurrences Wizard.
  23. Waitlist entries in Process Web Enrolments Manager. A problem that could cause some unprocessed waitlist entries to not appear in the Process Web Enrolments Manager has been fixed.

Release - 31/01/2014

The changes in this minor update from version are:

  1. South Australia: NAT80 file. The blank "Statistical Area Level 1" and "Statistical Area Level 2" fields are now included in the NAT80 file when generating State AVETMISS for SA.
  2. Victoria: NAT130 records not in NAT120 file. The "report this qualification as" option on qualifications is now correctly taken into account when detecting whether NAT130 records are in the NAT120 file when generating State AVETMISS for VIC.
  3. Victoria: VIC postcode. In Victoria, the special postcode of "VIC" is now allowed to be entered in the Suburb Wizard.
  4. Edit Class Attendance. A new right-click menu option to "Edit class attendance" has been added to the Programme Manager for a client in a class, if that client has attendance in the class. This allows you to edit the type or dates of the attendance.
  5. Staff in Waiter. The Staff entity has been added to roles in the Waiter application. If a user's Waiter role has at least View access to staff, they can see staff members in the client search in Waiter and add them to waitlists.
  6. Sorting in Record Awards Manager. The list of clients in the Record Awards Manager can now be sorted by any column.
  7. Security access to enrolment confirmation flag. The confirmation flag on an enrolment is now viewable if the user has View access to that type of enrolment, and can only be changed if the user has Edit access to that type of enrolment.
  8. Enrolments in Profile Contracts. A problem that would cause enrolments to not show when expanding profile contracts in the Qualification Manager has been fixed.
  9. Event Wizard focus. When opening the Client or Employer Event Wizard, the focus will be on the event drop-down field.
  10. Default role selection. If a user has multiple roles in an application, the role selected by default on the Role Selection prompt will now work correctly when that user moves between VETtrak and Waiter.
  11. Calendar Manager "database login" prompt. A rare problem that could cause a "Database login" prompt to appear when opening the Calendar Manager has been fixed.
  12. Reporter database connection. A rare problem that could cause the reporter to fail to connect to the database has been fixed.

Release - 13/01/2014

Version 4.4.1 is a major update from 4.4.0.x and includes database upgrades. Ensure you have a backup of your database before upgrading. If at all unsure please contact VETtrak support on 03 6333 0166.

The most significant changes are:


  1. AVETMISS 7 support. VETtrak now generates files that comply with the AVETMISS 7 format for 2014, including every Australian state and territory's specific requirements.
  2. Total VET Activity reporting. The "Reportable enrolment/award" tickbox on the Enrolment and Award Wizards has been changed to three options: "Report to state body", "Report to national body (NCVER)" and "Do not report this enrolment/award". A new "Generate National AVETMISS files" option has been added to the Utility menu, allowing you to generate files to send to NCVER, which will only include enrolments and awards that have the reportability option set to "Report to national body (NCVER)", and validate the data according to the national rules.
  3. Default reporting options. The Organisation Wizard now contains a grid allowing you to specify the default reporting option (State, National or None), for each state, that you would like to use when creating an enrolment or award for that organisation and state.
  4. Client addresses. All addresses are now only in AVETMISS 7 format (including unit, building, street number and street name fields), and all AVETMISS 6 format address fields have been removed. All clients that had an AVETMISS 6 format address, but not an AVETMISS 7 format address, will have their address automatically migrated to AVETMISS 7 format during the database upgrade. Because this automatic migration cannot fully understand all address formats, a button to "Show pre-update AV6 address" will be available on the address page in the Client Personal Wizard. Pressing this will show you what the AVETMISS 6 format address was at time of upgrade to 4.4.1, so you can manually migrate the address to AVETMISS 7 format if necessary.
  5. National RTO Id. A new "National RTO Id" field has been added to the Organisation Wizard. This allows you to enter the Training Organisation ID as listed on for each Registered Training Organisation. During the database upgrade, for each organisation that is using a single RTO Code, that organisation's National RTO Id field will be set to the single RTO Code. The National RTO Id field is used by National AVETMISS Generation, and the CCQI Export.
  6. Qualification Wizard. The fields on the second page of the Qualification/Course Wizard have been re-ordered and re-named to better reflect their functions:
    1. Two new "Recognition status" field values have been added, for skill sets: 13 - "Nationally recognised skill set", and 16 - "Locally recognised skill set".
    2. The "Qualification category" field has been renamed to "Level of education".
    3. Two "Level of education" field values have been removed: 213 - "Professional specialist qualification at graduate diploma level", and 222 - "Professional specialist qualification at graduate certificate level". If you generate AVETMISS files that include any existing qualifications with either of these two options, an error will be reported.
    4. The "Award based on" field has been renamed to "Report this qualification as", moved further down, and now includes a warning and information describing how it affects reporting.
    5. The "Qualification expiry date" field has been renamed to "Accreditation expiry date".
  7. Link enrolments to award. A new right-click menu option on awards to "Link enrolments" makes it easy to link any of the client's enrolments to an award. Note that, in VIC, you are now required to link all reported awards to enrolments for successful AVETMISS NAT130 generation.
  8. State AVETMISS generation in NSW or WA. If the state at the top of the screen is NSW or WA, you will be unable to open the Generate State AVETMISS Wizard, as there is no state AVETMISS generation for these states. You can still perform a national AVETMISS generation for these states.
  9. Archived languages, countries and ANZSCOs. The Update AVETMISS Fields Wizard will now archive any old languages, countries and ANZSCOs. Archived entries are not shown in the fields in wizards. If you generate AVETMISS files that include any of these archived languages, countries and ANZSCOs, an error will be reported.
  10. Export formats. You can now export a copy of your AVETMISS data in your choice of XLSX (Excel 2007 and later), XLS (Excel 2003 and earlier), HTML and CSV formats. Note that the XLS export option is only available if you have less than 65,536 NAT120 rows, and the XLSX export option is only available if you have less than 30,000 NAT120 rows.


  1. SMS replies. A new tickbox has been added to the SMS Wizard to "Accept replies". Ticking this will allow the recipients to reply to the sent message and for you to receive the reply within VETtrak:
    1. When "Accept replies" is ticked, you cannot enter any text into the Sender box - instead, the message is sent from a number allocated by VETtrak (meaning it is important that your message tells the recipient who you are). The reply is managed internally by VETtrak independent of the actual number the original message was sent from.
    2. Use the new Utility menu -> SMS Replies and Delivery Receipts option to check for and retrieve new replies and store them into VETtrak.
    3. VETtrak can automatically update certain data based on the reply content, and the context in which the message was sent. For example, you can configure VETtrak so that, when you send a message for an occurrence or class, recipients can reply with YES or NO, which can automatically set the confirmation flag to "Confirmed" or "Declined" on the client's occurrence enrolment or class the message was sent for. If a client replies with UNSUBSCRIBE, VETtrak can also automatically update the client's marketing flag to say that the client does not wish to receive marketing messages. Use the File menu -> Global Preferences -> SMS Preferences screen to configure what VETtrak should automatically update for certain replies in certain contexts.
    4. The "Accept replies" option can also be ticked in SMS message templates, so that you can define that certain templates usually require a reply.
  2. SMS delivery receipts. The new Utility menu -> SMS Replies and Delivery Receipts option can also receive and update into VETtrak any delivery receipts for SMS messages sent from VETtrak. This allows you to know which messages are confirmed as being delivered or were unable to be delivered. Note that mobile carriers treat delivery receipts with low priority (and some do not use delivery receipts at all), and they are not guaranteed to be received within any particular timeframe or at all, so a lack of receipt does not mean that the message was not delivered.
  3. Schedule SMS. A "Schedule messages" field has been added to the SMS Wizard, allowing you to specify a future date and time at which the messages should be sent. The time will be based on the timezone of the computer that VETtrak is running on. VETtrak does not need to be running at the scheduled time for the messages to be sent. Scheduled messages appear in the Sent SMS node in the Client Manager with a small clock icon. Deleting a scheduled message, that has not yet been sent, will communicate with the VETtrak SMS service to cancel the sending of the message and refund the charge for the message.
  4. View sent SMS and replies. New icons in the Sent SMS node in the Client Manager indicate which messages were delivered (green tick), are undeliverable (red cross), are scheduled (clock), and have replies (green arrow). Messages that have replies can be expanded to view the replies. You can right-click a sent or received SMS message to view its details in a new wizard.
  5. Sender validation. To improve compatibility with different SMS gateways, if the sender starts with a number, it must be a valid mobile number. That is, if it is a number, it must start with either "614" or "04", and be followed by 8 digits. The sender can still be anything if it starts with a letter.


  1. New email composer. A new composer is used for sending emails from VETtrak. It provides more formatting functionality, such as embedded images, tables, and a spell checker. You can drag-and-drop files onto it to attach them to the email. The same composer is also used in the Client Wizard for staff email signatures.
  2. Email merge templates. You can now use merge templates with emails:
    1. Email merge templates are set up in the Configuration Manager -> Merge templates -> Email templates node. You compose your template using the new email composer, and can put placeholder fields into the template for VETtrak to merge data into when the template is used, as well as a default subject.
    2. A new merge context for "Employer" can be used when sending email to employers.
    3. When sending email, if any templates are available for the context you are sending the email for, VETtrak will ask whether you want to send emails using the normal composer, or using a template.
    4. When using a template to send email, the first page allows you to select the template and adjust the email (including attachments) for all recipients, and the second page allows you to preview, and adjust (including attachments) if required, each individual merged email that will be sent to each recipient.
  3. SSL/TLS email server support. A new "SSL/TLS connection method" field has been added to Email Preferences in the File menu -> Global Preferences. This allows you to configure VETtrak to send email via email servers that require SSL/TLS, such as Google Gmail/Apps, and Office 365.
  4. Add multiple clients to email. When using the Add Client Email Wizette, you can CTRL or SHIFT click to select and add multiple clients to the email at once.
  5. Email report to VETtrak. The Email Report Request to VETtrak Wizard, available by right-clicking a report in the Custom Report Manager, now includes the new email composer. This allows you to add formatted text, screenshots or additional attachments to the emailed report request.


  1. Postal addresses. When entering postal addresses, you can now select whether the postal address is a street address or a PO Box address, and the appropriate fields will be shown. When entering a new PO Box address, the PO Box field is pre-populated to prompt you to enter the full PO Box information.
  2. Client and Employer information panels. You can now choose whether to show the residential/business or postal address in the information panel in the Client and Employer Managers. If the client has an international address, it will be shown in the information panel.
  3. Client division security access. If you have access to a client via your security division assignments, you can now see all that client's enrolments (including occurrence, contract and non-contract enrolments), regardless of the division of the enrolment.
  4. Delete employers linked to enrolments. You can now delete employers that are linked to enrolments (except employer enrolments and bookings). This will clear the employer and contact from the enrolments it was linked to.
  5. Delete contracts linked to placements. If you delete a contract that is linked to a placement, the placement will now be unlinked from the contract, instead of the placement also being deleted.


  1. Email/SMS occurrence staff. The Linked Staff node in an occurrence in the Programme Manager now has a right-click menu allowing you to email or SMS all staff linked to the occurrence.
  2. Award clients with linked enrolments. In the "Award Clients" function in the Programme Manager, if you tick "Only show clients that have completed all their units/modules", it will also check that all occurrence units in any linked enrolments are completed.
  3. Payment status for credited transferred enrolments. A enrolment that has a credit note against it, and is then transferred, will now show the payment status as "Credit note" instead of "Paid in full".
  4. Transferring enrolments with direct payments. If you have any old-style payments directly against an enrolment, and you transfer that enrolment, a warning message will show to remind you to handle the payment (as it cannot be automatically transferred to holding).
  5. Linking new occurrence enrolment to contract. When creating a new occurrence enrolment, you can now correctly link a contract to it. Note that the default occurrence enrolment details will still come from the occurrence, not the selected contract.
  6. Ad-hoc clients in class. Adhoc clients in a class are now shown with a grey icon instead of red. A problem that would cause the Occurrence Class Attendance Wizard to be empty, when you had ad-hoc clients in the class but no enrolments in the occurrence, has been fixed. An error that would occur when enrolling a client into an occurrence, where that client was already ad-hoc in a class in the occurrence, has also been fixed.


  1. High Windows font size (DPI) support. VETtrak now looks and works better when running Windows with high font size (DPI) settings. This allows you increase your Windows font size (DPI) settings in the Control Panel to make the text in VETtrak larger.Note: This feature is not currently available in the VETtrak Hosting Service.
  2. Enrolment and class confirmation flags. The confirmation flag on enrolments has changed to allow three options - not confirmed (the default), confirmed, and declined. The right-click menu on enrolments allows you to change the confirmation flag between these three options, which is also reflected in the icon display. A client in a class now has these same confirmation flag options available also.
  3. Unit expiry date. A new "Accreditation Expiry Date" field has been added to the Unit Wizard, allowing you to record when your accreditation to deliver the unit expires.
  4. Invoice fields. A new "Due Date" field has been added to the Invoice Wizard, allowing you to optionally record when the invoice is due. You can edit the description and ledger of invoice items on an invoice that has payments against it (and has not been marked as exported). The "Exported" and "External" fields now only show, at the bottom of the wizard, if custom extensions have set them. Invoice nodes in trees will also show external payment status and date if custom extensions have set them.
  5. CCQI Export. The "State for Organisation Code" field has been removed from the CCQI Export Wizard. Instead, the new National RTO Id of the selected organisation will be used. This can be set in the Organisation Wizard.
  6. VIC VSN last folder. The last folder used for VIC VSN upload and download is now remembered on a per-user basis. If VETtrak is freezing when you try to open the file browser to select a location to export the upload or download data to, you can clear the remembered folder location in the File menu -> Reset User Preferences.
  7. About box. The Help -> About menu option now includes your database platform type and version number, to assist when troubleshooting.
  8. WA CQR export linked units. The Units column in the WA CQR export will now only include units linked to the award.
  9. Web Enrolment Processing Manager. A problem that could cause some occurrences with web enrolments to not show in the Process Web Enrolments manager has been fixed.
  10. Locations in Award Manager. The "Load all" button is now available in the Location field in the Award Manager, allowing you to select locations from other states.
  11. Award Register. Fixed Access Violation error messages that could occur in the Award Register.
  12. Proxy server support improvements. Downloading report updates, and downloading training packages, will now use the HTTP proxy server settings configured in Global Preferences -> Gateway and Proxy.
  13. Blank page when printing reports. Some users and printers were experiencing an issue with an extra blank page being printed at the end when printing reports. A fix has been made for this issue.
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