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Custom Report Service

VETtrak offers a report writing service where you can have a VETtrak Custom Report created to query particular data in your VETtrak database and display it in a format of your choice. 


How to Request a Custom Report

To submit a custom report request you will need to fill out the Custom Report Requests Form within the Support Centre. You will need to provide a template displaying how the final output of your report should look along with a description of the reports functionality. A VETtrak Support Staff member will then work to have the report created in collaboration with you.


Custom Report Credits

VETtrak customers receive an annual allotment of custom report credits, the number of credits included each year will depend on the VETtrak licence type.

Note: The annual allotment is per customer not per number of VETtrak licences.

Licence Type Annual Allotment Additional Reports
Professional 6 $100 per report (ex GST)
Enterprise 9
Enterprise Plus 15

The annual allotment of credits are valid for 12 months. On renewal of your VETtrak subscription any unused credits will be expired and a new allotment will be allocated to your account.  

Additional report credits can be purchased from the Custom Report Credits page within the Support Centre using your credit or debit card with the report credit being immediately available for use. Purchased report credits cost $100 (ex GST) per credit and do not expire.


Custom Report Credit Usage

The Custom Report Requests Form within the Support Centre asks questions about your report request to determine whether the request will cost a report credit. The table below shows the possible credit costs depending on your Request Type and Category.

Report Request Type Credit Cost
New Report Yes
Change to Existing Report Yes
Report Repair No
Report Enquiry No
1 custom report credit will allow up to 3 hours of agent work time on your custom report request. If your report is particularly involved and requires more time your report writer will contact you to discuss your options.


Alternative Report Options

VETtrak Standard Reports

Standard Reports found under Report - Standard Reports provide a wide range of reports that enable you to view your VETtrak data in a print friendly or excel export friendly format.

Data Insights

The Data Insights Manager found under Report - Data Insights gives you the ability to create your own custom queries on your VETtrak data. This feature also allows you to export the data and run bulk actions.

Self-Service Reports

The Self-Service Reports Manager found under Report - Self-Service Reports gives you the ability to create your own award reports including certificate and statement of attainment templates.

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