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Enrolments by Referral Source

This report provides a graphical representation of the quantity of registrations received based on the Referral Source of the registration. It is available from the Reports menu in the Client Administration.

  1. Result filter.
    The 'Start' and 'End' fields are used to filter by date range. Clicking either field will display a calendar showing the current month, but it is also possible to manually enter the desired date using d/m/yy format.
    • Leave 'Start' blank to include all available data however old.
    • Leave 'End' blank to include all data up to the current date.
    • 'Refresh' is used to apply the current date filter(s).
  2. The chart.
  3. Data used to create the chart. Click the Referral Source link to view the list of registrations that make up the total in the # Enrolments column for that Referral Source.
  4. 'Export' button — Saves the data used to make the chart as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).


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