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VETtrak Release Notes - 9/09/2016

Important - please read this first

Report updates - after performing the update to, you must perform a report update in VETtrak. To do so, after updating to, go to the File menu -> Global Preferences -> Report Preferences -> Check Web For Updates button.

Version is a major update from 4.4.7.x and includes database updates. Ensure you have a backup of your database before updating. If at all unsure please contact VETtrak Customer Support on 03 6333 0166 or email

The most significant changes are:

CRICOS functionality

This version introduces new CRICOS functionality, which allows you to record data to help manage your CRICOS international students, and to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Use of the CRICOS functionality requires a VETtrak Enterprise subscription, and is enabled upon request. Please contact the VETtrak support team to enable the feature in your software.

The features include:

  1. Adding CRICOS details to organisations.
  2. Adding CRICOS course details and approved delivery locations to qualifications and courses.
  3. Adding CRICOS agent details to employers.
  4. Recording details of CRICOS CoEs (Confirmations of Enrolment) for clients.
  5. Relating CRICOS CoEs to VET enrolments.
  6. Viewing a graphical representation of a client's course progress and attendance rate.
  7. Recording at-risk assessment details for CRICOS CoEs, and flagging clients as at-risk.
  8. Recording leave of absense details for CRICOS CoEs.
  9. Recording suspension of study details for CRICOS CoEs.
  10. Recording course deferral details for CRICOS CoEs.
  11. Recording change of course details for CRICOS CoEs.
  12. Recording course termination details for CRICOS CoEs.

For information about the new CRICOS functionality, refer to the CRICOS User Guide.

VIC changes

  1. "Result not available" finishing 90 days ago. Generate AVETMISS in VIC will now report an error for any unit with a "Result not available" (90) that has an end date more than 90 days ago. SVTS would issue a Reject 27 for such units.
  2. Superseding enrolments and streams. The "Supersedes enrolment" field in the VIC Enrolment wizard will now list the client's enrolments in any qualification that is superseded by either the qualification, or the parent of the qualification, selected in the wizard. This allows the superseded enrolment to be reported when the superseding enrolment is in a stream qualification.

NSW changes

  1. Provider calculator changes. The following changes have been made to the NSW Provider Calculator Exporter to accomodate changes in version 1.7 of the Data Specifications - Multiple Student Process:
    1. Renamed "Suburb" column to "Residential Suburb".
    2. The Disability Status column will no longer be exported as blank if the ATSI column is 1.
    3. Added "Training Location Postcode" column. This will be automatically populated from the postcode on the address of the enrolment's location. It will be exported as blank if the Delivery Mode is 20 (Electronic).
    4. Added "Training Location Suburb" column. This will be automatically populated from the suburb on the address of the enrolment's location. It will be exported as blank if the Delivery Mode is 20 (Electronic).
    5. Added "Training Location Region" column. A new field for this has been added to the "Eligibility Info (part 1)" tab in the Enrolment wizard. This should only be set if it is required (if the postcode of the location falls under multiple regions).
    6. Added "Residential Address" column. This will be automatically populated from the street number, street name, suburb, state and postcode of the client's residential address.
    The NSW Provider Calculator Importer has also been changed to ignore the new column 25 "Subsidy Adjustment".
  2. Provider calculator - works in NSW. If a student does not "live in NSW", the NSW Provider Calculator Exporter now exports the "works in NSW" fields correctly.
  3. Provider calculator importer "report this qualification as". The Provider Calculator Importer wizard will now take the qualification's "report this qualification as" into account when matching qualifications in the file to the qualification on enrolments in VETtrak.
  4. Commitment ID linking warning. When linking a NSW Smart and Skilled enrolment to a commitment ID that already exists, VETtrak will now tell you what existing enrolments, if any, are already linked to that existing commitment ID.

SA changes

  1. NAT130 parchment number. When reporting an award for a skill set qualification (a qualification with a recognition status of 13 or 16) in the NAT130 in Generate AVETMISS for SA, the parchment number will now be reported as empty, as per STELA validation rules.

Client changes

  1. Centrelink and international fields. In the Client Personal wizard, the Visa/Passport information section has been moved from the bottom of the images page to a new page. Also added to this new page are new optional fields for:
    1. Visa effective (start) date
    2. Nationality
    3. Country of passport
    4. Job seeker ID
    5. Centrelink reference number (CRN)
    6. CRN expiry date
    All these new fields are available for quering in Data Insights.
  2. Staff employment and department. In the Client wizard for a staff member, the notes have been moved onto their own page. In their old place, new optional fields for Employment (Full time, part time, casual, sessional) and Department/school/faculty have been added. These new fields are available for querying in Data Insights.
  3. Important attributes. You can now mark attributes as important in the Configuration Manager. Such attributes have a red icon. If you view a client in the Client Manager, or an employer in the Employer Manager, that has an important attribute, the Attributes node will be automatically expanded and any important attributes shown at the top of the attributes list. The attributes node has been moved to near the top of the Client and Employer managers.
  4. Archive groups. You can now archive groups in the Groups Manager. Archived groups are not shown when searching for groups, but will still show when looking at the list of groups that a client is in.

Result changes

  1. Record results for multiple units in an enrolment. A new "Bulk record results" option has been added when right-clicking a client enrolment. This new Bulk Enrolment Results wizard works similar to the Occurrence Results wizard, except that it allows you to record the same result for multiple selected units in the enrolment at the same time.
  2. Record award after recording results. A new tickbox to "Record award(s)" is available on the Finish page of the Enrolment Results and Occurrence Results wizards. When ticked, this will open the Award wizard, allowing you to create award(s) for the client or occurrence after recording the results.
  3. Unit pre-requisite checking when recording results. A new preference has been added to Result Unit and Award Preferences -> Advanced tab, to have VETtrak give a warning or error when recording results for a unit that has pre-requisite units that are not satisfied. Even if "Error" is chosen, VETtrak still only produces a warning when you are recording a continuing-type result, but it will produce an error when recording a completed result. This function does not check pre-requisities of pre-requisities, and does not apply when results are being recorded automatically (due to task completions for example).
  4. Record class unit results keyboard shortcut. Right-clicking a unit in a class and pressing R will now record results for the unit in the class, instead of removing the unit from the class.
  5. Fill down. An issue causing "filled down" values to not be saved, when clicking the heading of a training plan column in the Enrolment Results wizard, has been fixed.

Enrolment changes

  1. Client's enrolments quick view. The "Funding" display has been removed from the client info panel in the Client Manager, and replaced with a button that, when clicked, shows a popup grid listing all the client's enrolments (regardless of type) with important details for each. You can use the buttons in the grid to edit enrolments, record enrolment results, and open an enrolment's occurrence in the Programme Manager.
  2. Only add to classes between enrolment dates. A new preference has been added to Programme Preferences -> Adding tab, "Only add clients to classes between enrolment dates". When ticked, when enrolling in an occurrence, any classes that are outside the date range of the new enrolment will be unticked by default on the Classes page.
  3. Employee enrolment name filter. When adding employee enrolments to an employer enrolment, a new filter field is available allowing you to search the employee names in the list.
  4. Duplicate profiles. A new menu option has been added when right-clicking a contract profile or a VET FEE-HELP profile, to allow you to duplicate the profile.
  5. Duplicate occurrence documents. When duplicating occurrences, a new tickbox allows you to choose whether to duplicate all FileTrak links, and document database documents, associated with the occurrence and training plan, and any classes, costs and events in the occurrence.
  6. Move occurrence changing end date. If you use the Move Occurrence wizard to move classes beyond the end date of the occurrence, VETtrak will now ask whether you wish to also update the occurrence's end date to the new end date of the last class.
  7. Deleting enrolments with payment history. You can now delete enrolments, or enrolled units, that have any payment history recorded against it.
  8. QLD PAS number. The "Contract/schedule number" field in the QLD Enrolment wizard has been renamed to "Pre-qualified Supplier No (PAS)".
  9. Create contracts from profile. The menu option Create -> "Profile Contracts" has been renamed to "Contracts from Profile".
  10. Profile enrolled unit history. Enrolled unit history is no longer duplicated when creating contracts from profiles.
  11. Rounding errors. An issue that could, on rare occasions, cause the payment flag of an enrolment to be set to "paid in full" when it has multiple positive and negative payments that should add up to 0, has been fixed. A similar rounding error that could cause $0 amounts to be sent to holding has also been fixed.

USI changes

  1. Locate USI improvements. The Locate USI function has been improved to make it much easier to use. To locate a USI, you now only need to have correctly entered the client's:
    • Name (given name and surname, or single name)
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    If this is not sufficient to identify a single student, you will also need to enter at least one of the client's:
    • Middle name
    • Mobile number
    • Email address
    • Town/city of birth
    Even if some of these details don't match the USI registry's records, as long as you provide enough correct details to identify a single student, you will still successfully locate their USI. Please note that you must gain permission from the student before locating their USI, as the USI registry will alert the student when you successfully locate their USI. To locate the USI for a client, tick the "Locate client's USI in the USI registry" tickbox on the last page of the Client Personal wizard.
  2. USI becoming unverified warning. The warning that appears when changing a client's name or date of birth, which will cause the USI to become unverified, will now only appear if the USI was successfully verified originally.

Data Insights changes

  1. Address PO Box. The PO Box field is now available in addresses.
  2. Award dates. The Created Date and Date Last Updated fields are now available for awards.
  3. Update enrolment status. A new "Update status" bulk action has been added for client enrolments. This allows you to update the status, date of status change and cancellation reason in bulk on a list of found client enrolments. When changing the status type of occurrence enrolments, you will also get the option about whether to add the clients to or remove the clients from classes.
  4. VET FEE-HELP. VET FEE-HELP data is now available for querying in Data Insights. You can run bulk email, bulk generation of CANs or Invoice Notices, and bulk update of completion statuses on client's VET FEE-HELP courses of study.
  5. Hide opposite relation. To avoid confusion, when expanding relations, Data Insights will now hide the "opposite" relation that refers back to the record you just came from. For example, if you start with Client, then expand Enrolments, it will not show the Client relation within Enrolments, as that refers back to the client you started with.
  6. Error with conjunctions containing conjunctions. An error that can occur when running a query that has a conjunction (AND/OR) that contains nothing but other conjunctions, has been fixed.

Custom field changes

  1. Contracts. Custom fields are now available for contracts. They can also have values in contract profiles and their values copied to new contracts created from the profile. They are also available for querying in Data Insights.
  2. Placements. Custom fields are now available for placements. They can also have values in placements within contract profiles and their values copied to new placements created from the profile. They are also available for querying in Data Insights.
  3. VET FEE-HELP client courses of study. Custom fields are now available for client's VET FEE-HELP courses of study. They are also available for querying in Data Insights.
  4. Enrolments in VET FEE-HELP profiles. Custom fields values for enrolments in VET FEE-HELP profiles are now copied when enrolling clients from the profile.

Email changes

  1. Email from address label. A new preference has been added to Email Preferences -> Settings tab to control the display name in "from" addresses for emails sent from VETtrak. You can choose to always use a fixed string of text, or to use the selected staff member's name (surname first, or given name first).
  2. CC/BCC staff member. A new "Add" button has been added next to the CC and BCC fields for emails and email merge templates. Pressing this button allows you to search for and select multiple staff members, and add their email addresses to the CC or BCC field.

FileTrak / Document Management changes

  1. Adding multiple documents. A new "Add multi" button is now available when adding FileTrak documents. This allows you to select a filetype and select multiple files, to add them all at once.
  2. Training Plan document management. A document management button has been added to the Training Plan wizard, when editing the training plan for an enrolment or occurrence (not a contract), allowing you to store documents against the enrolment's training plan.
  3. Filename length. The maximum length of the filename field has been increased from 100 to 255 characters.

Tasks changes

  1. Record activity for multiple tasks in an enrolment. A new "Bulk record task activity" option has been added when right-clicking the Tasks node within an enrolment. This new Bulk Enrolment Task Activity wizard works similar to the Occurrence Task Activity wizard, except that it allows you to record the same activity for multiple selected tasks in the enrolment at the same time.
  2. Repeat task activity recording. A repeat tickbox has been added to the end of the Finish page in the Occurrence Task Activity wizard, allowing you to more easily repeat the wizard to record task activity for the other enrolments in the occurrence.
  3. Don't change start date. The Start Date field in the Occurrence Task Activity wizard now has a tickbox, allowing you to untick it to not change any existing task activity start dates.
  4. Ignore empty values when recording task activity. If you leave a field empty in the Occurrence Task Activity wizard or Bulk Enrolment Task Activity wizard, that field will now not be changed in the selected tasks, instead of clearing it.
  5. Tasks in contract profiles. Enrolments in contract profiles can now have tasks added to them, and these will be duplicated when creating a profile from an existing contract, or creating new contracts from a profile. Note that task activity is not duplicated when using profiles.
  6. Task resulting preferences. Task Preferences will now not allow the "Unit start date is calculated from" preference to be set to "Earliest task completion date" if the "Type of task activity to trigger setting the unit start date" preference is set to "Any active or completed task activity", as this combination is invalid.
  7. Removing a task after adding it. In the Configure Occurrence/Enrolment Tasks wizard, the "first remove task activity" message is no longer shown when trying to remove a task that has just been added to the list (without saving the wizard).
  8. Warning that manual unit result changes may be needed. The warning that you may need to manually change results is no longer shown when recording a task start date for the first time.

VET FEE-HELP changes

  1. Withdrawn without penalty. The treatment of "Withdrawn without penalty" has been corrected so that it applies to withdrawals after the census date with no academic penalty. A new unit of study completion status "Withdrawn before census date" has been added to be used for withdrawals before the census date. "Withdrawn without penalty" units of study are now reported, and "Withdrawn before census date" units of study are only reported if "Include units of study withdrawn before census date" is ticked. Also, automatic unit resulting is no longer performed for "Withdrawn without penalty".
  2. Exporting VLL records. In the VET FEE-HELP Exporter wizard, if you are excluding already-exported records, new options have been added to allow the export to still include already-exported VLL records for unexported VCC or VCU records. The grids will now show the export dates.
  3. CAN for units of study. A new right-click menu option on a client's unit of study to "Show CAN report" has been added. Selecting this will generate a Commonwealth Assistance Notice for the unit of study.
  4. Course of study email merge templates. You can now create email merge templates for VET FEE-HELP client courses of study. These templates can be used when right-clicking a client's course of study and selecting "Email client", "Email CAN report" and "Email invoice notice", and when emailing VET FEE-HELP enrolments found in Data Insights.
  5. Setting VIC VET-FEE HELP enrolment flag. When relating a VET FEE-HELP course of study to VIC enrolments, the "Training is being provided under VET FEE-HELP" tickbox in the Enrolment wizard will be automatically ticked.
  6. CHESSN length. The Client VET FEE-HELP Details wizard will now validate that the entered CHESSN is 10 characters long.
  7. Enrol from profile error. An error that could occur when enrolling clients from a VET FEE-HELP profile, and selecting a date before selecting a profile, has been fixed.

Ezidebit changes

  1. Ezidebit dishonoured payments. A new preference has been added to the eDDR tab of the Ezidebit Preferences to "Download failed payments from Ezidebit". If this is ticked, the Download Payments from Ezidebit wizard will also download dishonoured payments. When the downloaded payments are saved, dishonoured payments will be stored in VETtrak as automatically reversed payments. The dishonour reason will be stored in the payment's description.
  2. Ezidebit security changes. This version supports a security requirement change that Ezidebit is introducing on October 4, 2016. Any customers using the Ezidebit integration must upgrade to VETtrak 4.4.8 by this date. The Ezidebit integration will no longer support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008.

Holiday changes

  1. Multi-day holidays. Holidays can now optionally be given a date range. All days between and including the start and end date are considered to be holidays.
  2. 2017 public holidays. Published 2017 national and state public holidays have been added.

Other changes

  1. Unit name length. The maximum length of unit/module names has been increased from 100 to 200 characters. While a unit/module can now have more than 100 characters in its name to display on certificates/statements, the name is still truncted to 100 characters during AVETMISS generation.
  2. Updated icons. Icons for enrolments, contracts, awards, attributes and VET FEE-HELP courses of study have been updated.
  3. Unsupported images. If an image that VETtrak doesn't support has been loaded into the Organisation, Client Personal or Employer wizards, an error message will be shown when the wizard is opening, and you will be able to replace the image.
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