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API change log - version for VETtrak 4.4.8.x - 9/09/2016

This update has breaking changes to task-related functions to reflect tasks functionality changes in VETtrak version 4.4.7. Old tasks functions and properties have been removed and will no longer work if called.

This update includes changes that have been made with respect to Tasks in the VETtrak front-end, but never in the VETtrak API.

Remove functions

  1. UpdateClientTasksComplete: Replaced by UpdateClientTasks
  2. UpdateEnrolledTaskComplete: Replaced by UpdateEnrolledTask

Add functions

  1. GetTaskStatuses: Retrieves a list of all task statuses.

    Retrieves a list of TTaskStatus records, representing the user-defined task statuses from the VETtrak database.

    These statues have a "type" associated with them for either "In progress", "Completed", or "Cancelled".

  2. UpdateClientTasks: Updates all enrolments that a client has in a task.

    This function updates all incomplete active enrolments in a single task that a single client has.

    This function will only update task enrolments that are not already complete, and will only update task enrolments that are in enrolments that have an active status.

    It is not possible to update an existing task result with this function, or "uncomplete" a task.

    To update a task enrolment that is already complete or is in a non-active enrolment, you can use UpdateEnrolledTask, and specify the single enrolled task to update.

  3. UpdateEnrolledTask: Updates the status and dates of an enrolled task.

    This function marks off a single enrolled task as complete. This function can also be called on an already-complete task to update its completion details.

    The enrolmentId and taskCode parameters identify the enrolled task to complete. The task must already be in that enrolment.

Modify classes

  1. TTaskEnrolment
    1. Removed fields
      1. IsComplete: Replaced by TaskStatus.
    2. Added fields
      1. TaskStatus: The status of this task enrolment.
      2. StartDate: The date that the task enrolment's activity commenced.
      3. DueDate: The date that the enrolment in this task is due to complete.
      4. StatusDate: The date that the status of this task enrolment took effect.

Additional data field changes

These changes affect the QueryAdditionalData, GetAdditionalDataFieldsForEntity, GetAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateClientAdditionalFields and UpdateEmployerAdditionalFields functions.

New fields

  1. Client
    1. PassportCountry: The name of the client's passport country.
    2. VisaEffectiveDate: The effective (start) date of the client's VISA.
    3. Nationality: The client's nationality.
    4. JobSeekerId: The client's Centrelink Job Seeker ID.
    5. CentrelinkReferenceNumber: The client's Centrelink Reference Number (CRN).
    6. CRNExpiryDate: The client's Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) expiry date.
    7. StaffDepartment: The department/school/faculty of the staff member. Only relevant if the client is a staff member.
    8. StaffEmployment: The employment type of the staff member. Only relevant if the client is a staff member.
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