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General Preferences

Choose File > Global Preferences.

General preferences are displayed when Global preferences opens. The General tab will already be selected.


The General preferences are:


Use tabbed MDI

This option will enable or disable the tab view for open managers.


See also: Navigating VETtrak


Maximise windows

This option is only available if Use tabbed MDI is disabled. When enabled it will ensure new manager windows open to the maximum available size within the application.

In both cases, windows can be maximised, restored or minimised as desired. The option affects only the default open behaviour.

See also: Navigating VETtrak


Select after search

When enabled, this option will highlight your search text after the search is performed so that the text can be overwritten with new search terms.

NOTE: VETtrak requires a restart to apply this setting.


Automatically link enrolments

This option determines the default state of the checkbox when ever the option of the same name appears in a wizard. Enabling this option will ensure that, at the final step of various wizards relating to occurrence enrolments, the Automatically link enrolments checkbox will be ticked by default.


Allow multiple copies of manager windows

By default, only one instance of a manager window can be open at any one time. Enable this option to override this default.


Use searches when selecting employers

When a wizard collects employer information, the default behaviour is to provide a drop-down list of employer names to select from. This can be awkward if the list becomes over long. Enabling the Use searches when selecting employers setting will override the default behaviour and instead allow the employer to be chosen via search.


Use tree when selecting divisions

Where a wizard collects Division, this option controls how the divisions are displayed in the drop-down menu.

By default, divisions are listed in alphabetical order, regardless of hierarchy:

When Use tree when selecting divisions is ticked, the tree utilised in Manage Groups is displayed here:


Enable usage summary data upload

VETtrak will perform small weekly background uploads of summarised information about how VETtrak is being used. This consists of:

  1. Count of how many times each VETtrak screen has been opened during the week
  2. Count of logins to each VETtrak application during the week
  3. Count of Assess2Educate assessments created during the week
  4. Count of CRICOS CoEs active during the last month (once per month)
  5. Count of web enrolments processed during the last month (once per month)
  6. Count of units started per month for the last 24 months (only occurs when performing a major database version upgrade)

This information allows us to identify VETtrak functions that are most commonly used, allowing us to better target future development of the product and assess the impact of making future changes to the product. The VETtrak Support Team can also use this information in order to provide you a better support service.

No personally identifiable information, such as information about your students, staff or training, is uploaded. This information is used solely by VETtrak Pty Ltd and is not shared with any other organisation.

You can opt-out of this usage summary data upload by unticking "Enable usage summary data upload" on this page.



Default employer manager search

This sets the default search type when looking up existing records within the employer manager.



Show database backup warning

If your VETtrak is locally installed, you can set an alert via the Show warning if last database backup is older than option to check when a Database Backup was processed, and display a warning if the period has elapsed with a backup not being taken:


This is defaulted on with a period of 2 weeks. If the last database backup detected by VETtrak is older than this, it will be highlighted in red on the dashboard:


It can also show the last time that a SQL Server database was taken. 

For details on performing a VETtrak Database Backup, see our Help Centre article here: Backing up the VETtrak Database

NOTE: If you are using a Firebird database but are using an alternative to the Backup Database wizard to create your backups, you should turn off this preference.

Hosted customers have backups performed automatically by VETtrak - This option is not utilised when hosted.



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