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Keyboard Shortcuts

VETtrak supports the following shortcuts: 

Key Function
F1  Help
F3 Manage Bookings
F5 Manage Employers
F6 Mange Staff
F7 Manage Clients
F8 Manage Groups
F9 Manage Programmes
F10 Manage Security
F11 Manage Web Enrolments
Shift+Ctrl+C Create Contract
Shift+Ctrl+E Create Enrolment
Ctrl+F3 Create Booking
Ctrl+F4 Close current manager
Ctrl+F5 Create Employer
Ctrl+F7 Create Client
Ctrl+F8 Create Group
Ctrl+F9 Create Programme
Ctrl+F10 Create Occurrence
Ctrl+F12 Create Invoice
Shift+Ctrl+F12 Create Agreement
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