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Looking up a Student's USI

VETtrak integrates directly with the USI web services, which allows you to Locate a student's USI directly within the software.


The Locate USI function can be used locate a USI, once you have correctly entered the following details:

  • Client's name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

If this is sufficient information to identify a single student in the USI registry, the Unique Student Identifier will be returned and entered against your client.

If this is not sufficient to identify just a single student, you will need to enter additional information, such as middle name, mobile number, town/city of birth or email address.

The benefit of the of the Locate USI function is that not all of these details need to match the USI registry's records exactly - just so long as you provide enough correct details to identify a single student, you will still successfully locate their USI. This means that if, for example, a student forgets what email address they registered with the USI, using their mobile phone number, may be sufficient to identify them.

It is important to note that you must have the student's permission before using this feature, and that the USI will inform the student that you have looked up their details.


To use this feature, simply right click on the Personal node in the Client Manager, and select Edit personal information:


Click Next through to the last screen, filling out any additional details. On the final screen, simply tick the Locate client's USI in the USI registry checkbox, and click Finish. mceclip1.png

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