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Resetting User Preferences

User preferences are user-specific settings within VETtrak, usually related to the display or operation of a feature. Any of the preferences can be reset to default.

Choose File > Reset user preferences from the top menu.


  • Each individual preference can be reset by ticking the appropriate checkbox in the Reset column.
  • You can type into the area under the Category and Name headings to search for items within the wizard
  • Click Next and then Finish to confirm the reset, or Cancel to close the wizard and discard all changes.


In addition, the size of the dialog boxes for the Wizards can be reset to default.

  • Click the Reset wizard sizes button.


  • Click Yes to confirm.


NOTE: User preferences stores only those preferences that have changed from the default. If the user has not made any changes, the wizard will have <No data to display>. However, the Reset wizard sizes button is available regardless.

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