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Video: Introducing the VETtrak Data Insights Manager

The Data Insights Manager is a brand new feature for VETtrak that gives you unencumbered access to the data you have entered into your VETtrak system, with a full suite of options that allow you to query and interact with your data in new and dynamic ways.

Just a small sample of the new options the Data Insight Manager provides:

  • Create and amend queries: Look up information with a freedom to specify exactly what you want to see, with the option to robustly filter your returned results.
  • Bulk update fields: Introducing new functionality to amend specific fields within your database for a number of entries, such as employers, dates and more.
  • Contact specific clients: Define and retrieve particular client sets, then contact them via whatever method you prefer.
  • Automated report creation: Set up a looping option to create reports for a set of people, without needing to repeat the process – Including automatically saving the exported report for your review.
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