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Report preferences - Settings

These report preferences apply to report options within VETtrak, including details for reports exported to PDF from VETtrak.


Choose File > Global Preferences.

Select Report preferences from the Preference items list, then choose the Settings tab:



Default custom report path

This is the Current Folder that will be displayed by the custom report explorer (click mceclip1.png on the toolbar) when it is opened.


Default PDF export settings

These are the defaults that will be used for when exporting PDFs. These options can be changed at the time of export.

  • PDF/A is a PDF standard specialised for archiving and long-term preservation of documents. Enabling PDF/A will prevent features that can be problematic for archiving such as font linking (not embedding) and encryption.
  • Embedded fonts will save the fonts used as part of the PDF. This will ensure the exact font(s) used originally can be used when displaying the PDF on a different computer. This is important if the appearance and layout of the text is necessary to interpret the data - for example table headings must fit exactly as set and replacing the font might result in illegible or incomplete headings due to space restrictions.
  • Background will embed the background picture if one exists, which would otherwise be removed when exporting.
  • Print optimised will produce a file of a higher quality to ensure the best results for printing. The resulting file will be larger in file size than if this option is not enabled.
  • Transparency ensures the transparency of images in a report that have the transparency flag set are retained. Results can be unpredictable. Does not preserve existing transparencies in gif or png files and as such the transparency flag must still be set for these images.
  • JPEG Quality sets the quality of images included in the PDF. Lower values reduce visual and print quality but decrease file size, higher values ensure results closer to the original quality but increase file size.


Default PDF export security settings

  • The Owner password allows certain actions, as specified by Permissions, to be password protected. The owner password will need to be entered to perform the actions that were enabled at the time of export.
    • Print the document.
    • Modify the document.
    • Copy of text and graphics.
    • Add or modify text annotations.
  • To password protect PDFs, enter a User password. This will be required to open any PDFs generated by VETtrak.


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