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Proxy Server

These preferences are applicable in the following situation:

  • You use an HTTP proxy server to communicate with external servers. You may need to configure the proxy server details if the following VETtrak functions DO NOT work:
    • Downloading report updates, checking for VETtrak version updates, and automatically updating your registration key.
    • Sending SMS messages.
    • USI functions.
    • Victorian VSN function, including updating provider details, and uploading and downloading VSN details.
    • Web enrolment processing.


Choose File > Global Preferences.

Select Proxy Server from the Preference items list.


These preferences are for using HTTP proxy server to access the Internet. Tick the Use an HTTP proxy server option to enable these settings.

The Auto detect proxy settings setting will allow VETtrak to attempt to dect proxy server settings automatically from the Operating System. If this fails, untick this setting and enter the details manually. Your IT administrator will be able to advise you on these settings.

  • The Server is the host name or IP address of your proxy server.
  • Port is the port number used to communicate with your proxy server.
  • Auth scheme is the method of authentication used. None should be selected if authentication is not required, otherwise choose the appropriate method and complete the Username and Password fields.

Click the Test proxy settings button to verify the connection is working.






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