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VETtrak Release Notes - 22/09/2016

Version is a minor update from version It contains the following bug fixes and changes in response to customer feedback.

  1. Default AVETMISS values in occurrence enrolments. An issue causing units added to occurrence enrolments to default their AVETMISS values to that from the occurrence, instead of from the occurrence enrolment, has been fixed.
  2. VET FEE-HELP email templates in SQL Server. An issue causing VET FEE-HELP email templates to not work in SQL Server has been fixed.
  3. Client Manager email button. An issue causing the email button to not be visible in the Client Info panel in the Client Manager when using high-DPI settings has been fixed.
  4. Data Insights location address. An "Address" relation has been added to the "Location" table in Data Insights, allowing you to access the address of a location.
  5. Data Insights enrolment status type. Filtering on an enrolment status type of "Cancelled" now works correctly.
  6. Default result type codes. The following result types have been given a default code, if you have not renamed the result type or entered your own code. This is useful for display on reports.
    1. The result type "Competent" has been given the code "C"
    2. The result type "RPL" has been given the code "RPL"
    3. The result type "Credit Transfer" has been given the code "CT"
  7. Non-numeric invoice numbers in Payment Status Importer. The Payment Status Importer wizard will now work correctly when updating invoices with non-numeric invoice numbers.
  8. Task status display. When showing tasks in the tree, VETtrak will now show the name of the task's current status (if it has a status), instead of "Done".
  9. Contract wizard field overlap. An overlap issue with the "State" field when resizing the Contract wizard has been fixed.
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