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Adding a Module to a Course

To add an existing module to a course:

  • Find the module in the All Modules branch, or using the Unit Search.
    • To search, type the first few characters of the code or module name, OR
    • Tick the checkbox to expand the qual tree and identify the module this way.
    If you want to select multiple modules, hold the CTRL key while left-clicking each module.
  • Drag and drop the module(s) into the Core modules or Elective modules branch of the course.


NOTE: A module may be used in more than one course.


To create a new module, right-click either:

  • The All Modules branch, or
  • The Core modules or Elective modules branches of a particular course.

This will open the Unit/Module Wizard:

  • Click Next.

  • As needed, click the Add menu button and select a pricing item. The item will appear in the list and can be completed.
  • Click Next.

  • Optionally, enter a Description for the module.
  • Complete the Credit matrix information, if applicable.
  • Specify the Accreditation expiry date, if applicable.
  • Click Next and then Finish.

The new module will appear in the All Modules (Subjects) branch. If it was created from a Core modules or Elective modules branch, it will appear there too.


Adding a Learning Outcome to a Module

Expand the Module in question, right-click on Learning Outcomes and then choose Add learning outcome.

Complete the Element/Learning Outcome Wizard:

  • Enter a Code.
  • Enter a Name.
  • Optionally, enter Hours and Element/Outcome amount and a Description.
  • Click Next and then Finish.


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