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Archiving in the Qualification Manager

The Qualification Manager allows the following to be archived:


Archiving Training Packages

Superseded training packages can be archived to keep the listing in the Qualification Manager neat and to avoid mistakenly using the superseded package when enrolling. Archiving ensures the package can still be viewed together with the historical data relating to the package.

NOTE: Archiving a Training Package does not archive any of the qualifications under it. These will still be available for selection in any relevant drop-down menus in VETtrak. Qualifications must be individually archived if you no longer want them available for selection.


  • Right-click the training package and choose Edit package.

  • Tick the Do not make this package available for use checkbox.
  • Click Next and Finish.


Archiving Qualifications (or courses)


  • Right-click the qualification (or course) and choose Edit qualification.

  • Tick the This Qualification/Course is inactive checkbox.
  • Click Next through to Finish.


Archiving Units

As Training Packages are updated, Units of Competency are superseded by newer versions. VETtrak will likely have records where clients completed the superseded unit in the past, so the superseded cannot be deleted and nor can it renamed without affecting the historical records. However, you do not want to mistakenly enrol a new client in the superseded unit, thus archiving becomes necessary.

Both units and modules can be archived individually, but it is also possible to archive multiple units at the same time for training packages.


Archiving a single Unit (or Module)

  • Locate the superseded unit (or module) in the Qualification Manager.
  • Right-click the unit (or module) and chose Edit unit.
  • Tick the This Unit/Module is inactive checkbox.
  • Click Next through to Finish.

The unit (or module) can be re-activated in the same way by unticking the This Unit/Module is inactive checkbox.


Archiving Multiple Units

Expand the relevant training package:

  • Right-click Units in Package and choose Archive units

  • Tick the checkboxes in the Use column for the relevant units.
  • Click Next and Finish.

The archived units will remain in the Qualification Manager under the Archived Units in Package branch. Those units will no longer be seen when enrolling clients.

To re-activate archived units, right-click Archived Units in Package and choose Activate Units.


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