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Open the Configuration Manager by choosing Manage > Configuration from the menu. The Configuration Manager displays an alphabetically ordered explorer tree.


Edit existing Organisation

  • Expand Organisations.
  • Right-click the organisation and choose Edit organisation.

This will open the Organisation Wizard, where you can make changes:

  • Edit the Legal Name of your organisation.
  • Edit the Trading Name for your organisation.
  • Complete the Organisation state reporting codes and options table.
    • Enter the Code into the first field then click the Code heading to copy it to all the other fields. Update any codes that are different.
    • Specify the Reporting Defaults as needed for the states where you deliver.
    • You can also change the Report name, if required.
  • Optionally, enter your National RTO Id. This will be reported in your national AVETMISS files.
  • Provide a Contact Person by entering their surname, a comma and space, then their given name.
  • Optionally, complete the contact and address details. Suburb/City/Town will be limited to the state selected on the Toolbar, for more click the Load all button.
  • Optionally, provide a Short name or code to identify the organisation. This is especially useful when you are using multiple organisations. This field is for internal use only and is not reported.
  • Archived indicates if the organisation should is archived. If ticked, the organisation will be added/moved to the Archived organisations branch.
  • Click Next.


  • Complete the USI (Unique Student Identifier) configuration for your organisation.
    • Only tick Organisation is empt from all USI requirements if your organisation has been granted an exemption from all USI requirements. Enabling this setting will turn off warnings and errors regarding USIs when generating AVETMISS files.
    • Only tick Organisation can use DVS Override instead of providing identity documents in USI applications if your organisation is allowed to use non-DVS (Document Verification Service) identity documents when applying for USIs. Enabling this setting will allow you to select, on a case-by-case basis, whether you need to supply documents that can undergo a DVS check.
    • Tick Only allow certificate and statement awards to be created for clients with a verified USI to prevent the creation of awards for students that do not have a verified USI. If this is unticked, a warning will be provided but it will still be possible to create the award.
  • Complete the Organisation's machine credential key store location section.
    • Pick the location where the device key is stored. Choosing A specific key store file (XML file) and then clicking the Browse button (mceclip4.png) to browse for the file is recommended.
    • The Machine Credential for organisation should have been set automatically, unless there are multiple device keys to choose from then you will need to select the correct one.
    • Enter your Credential password.
  • Click Next.


  • Add your organisation's logo to VETtrak to be used for reports. Up to two images can be added.
    • Clear will remove any existing image.
    • Load will allow you to browse your computer for an image file.
    • Copy will place the current image on the clipboard, ready to be pasted into another program.
    • Paste will insert an image from the clipboard that you have copied from another program.
  • Click Next and then Finish.


Deleting an Organisation

  • Expand Organisations.
  • Right-click the organisation and choose Delete organisation.
  • Click Yes when asked to confirm the delete.

If an error occurs, the organisation has likely been used previously and is included in historical data. In this case, you will need to archive the item to remove it from active use.


Adding a new Organisation

The ability to create an additional Organisation is only available to users utilising the Multi-RTO addon feature.

  • Right-click Organisation and choose Add new organisation (RTO).

This will open the Organisation Wizard to configure the new Organisation.


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