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Result types

Result types contains the various types of results that can be recorded, this includes some that are specific to certain states. If your organisation does not deliver in Qld, NT, Vic and/or WA, there are state-specific result types that could be deleted to reduce clutter.

Some result types will have unique functionality depending on the state they are employed in, or the AVETMISS Outcome they are designed to report. Examples of these include the Credit Transfer result type removing Tuition Fee information when reported in Victoria, or the Withdrawn status (AVETMISS Outcome 40) having a unique method to be applied to a unit. This process is document in the following article: Process: Withdrawing From A Unit

Open the Configuration Manager by choosing Manage > Configuration from the menu. The Configuration Manager displays an alphabetically ordered explorer tree.


Adding a new result types

  • Right-click Result types and choose Add new result types.

This will open the Result Type Wizard:


  • Enter a Name for the result type.
  • Optionally, enter a Code to quickly identify the result type.
  • Select a Report Colour - This is a method to colour code a particular result type within a custom report request, for example - denoting Green as a Competent level result.
  • Select an AVETMISS Outcome.
  • Tick the Valid unit/module result checkbox if the result type is applicable to units in training packages or modules for courses.
  • Tick the Valid element/outcome result checkbox if the result type is applicable to elements for units in training packages, or to learning outcomes for course modules.
  • The Provider outcome is used to report the Outcome identifier - Training Organisation in your AVETMISS files. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN users should only use this field to record AP, the Academic Pass result type.
  • Set the Default status of:
    • Continuing
    • Complete
    • Not complete
    • Withdrawn
  • If the result type should be reported, tick Yes - Report this result type in AVETMISS reports.
  • Tick the This result type is the default checkbox if the result type should be the default for the selected AVETMISS Outcome.
  • Do not make this result type available for use indicates if the result type should be archived. If ticked, the result type will be added/moved to the Archived result types branch.
  • Enable Available in the Trainer Portal if the result type should be accessible to trainers from the Trainer Portal.
  • Click Next and then Finish.


Editing an existing result types

  • Expand Result types.
  • Right-click the result type and choose Edit result type.

This will open the Result Type Wizard, where you can make changes.


Deleting a result types

  • Expand Result types.
  • Right-click the result type and choose Delete result type.
  • Click Yes when asked to confirm the delete.

If an error occurs, the Result type has likely been used previously and is included in historical data. In this case, you will need to archive the code to remove it from active use.


Viewing the result types report

This report details all the result types, including those that have been archived.

  • Right-click Result types and choose Show result type report.

The report will be displayed in a new tab/window.


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