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Sending an email (from a template)

Customers can be emailed via the Registrations or Registration Details pages, using the  icon.

On the Registrations page, the icon is situated to the far right of the record.

In the case of the Registration Details page, the icon is located on the left in the Contact Detail section.

  • Click the email icon near the customer's email address.

This will open the Email Client:


  1. Select the Template to be sent. This will update the subject and message, and determine the attachments (if any).
  2. The From field will be pre-filled with the RTO's email address (as entered under General Settings), however it can be changed.
  3. The To field will be pre-filled with the customer's email address, however it can be changed.
  4. Optionally, enter an email address for a blind copy to be sent to in the BCC field.
  5. The Subject will be pre-filled from the template. This can be changed.
  6. Attachments can be included, these will be in addition to any already assigned to the template.
  7. This is the message that will be sent to the customer. Any variables in the template will be substituted for the appropriate value. Changes can be made to the text and formatting if desired.
  8. Click the Send button when the message is ready to go.


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