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VETtrak Release Notes - 28/10/2016

Version is a minor update from version and version It contains various bug fixes and changes in response to customer feedback.

Generate AVETMISS changes

  1. Error filtering. A new filter button has been added to the bottom of the second page of the Generate State AVETMISS and Generate National AVETMISS wizards. This allows you to filter out the display of OK, warning or error records from the generation, to make it easier to locate warnings or errors in a large generation.
  2. Submission period. VETtrak will now show a warning message if you select a submission period for any generation other than ACT and national, as the other states usually require full year submissions.

VIC changes

  1. Reject 27 warning. The Generate AVETMISS error that occurs in VIC when reporting a 90 result (Result Not Available) with a finish date more than 90 days ago has been changed to a warning.

QLD changes

  1. Purchasing contact change start date. A new "Change resulted units that start from" date field has been added to the QLD Purchasing Contract Change wizard. For enrolled units with results that are being updated, only those with a start date on or after the entered date will have their purchasing contract changed.
  2. Default location loading. All QLD locations without a location loading selected have had their location loading set to "Default". This will also be the location loading selected by default when creating a new QLD location.

NSW changes

  1. NSW Provider Calculator Export address unit. For clients with unit details in their address, the last part of the unit details will be exported in the address in the NSW Provider Calculator Exporter wizard.

Enrolment changes

  1. Course Progress wizard for enrolments. A new "View course progress" option has been added when right-clicking a client's enrolment. This shows a graphical representation of the percentages of the client's progress in the enrolment - units completed vs time through the enrolment, and attendance rate. For an occurrence enrolment, "units completed" will also include any units from linked enrolments. For a non-occurrence enrolment, "attendance rate" will include classes from linked occurrence enrolments.
  2. Enrolment quick view columns. New columns for "enrolment type", "primary staff" and "referral source" have been added to the enrolment quick-view in the Client Manager. Use the column selector to turn these columns on.
  3. Enrolment quick view export folder. VETtrak will now correctly remember the last folder used when exporting the enrolment quick-view in the Client Manager, per user.
  4. Certificate award with incomplete units warning. When creating a single certificate-type award that is linked to enrolment(s), VETtrak will warn you if there are any units in the enrolment(s) that have not been successfully completed.

Result changes

  1. Unit result start date validation. The existing "Result being recorded more than this number of days ago" setting in Global Preferences -> Result, Unit and Award Preferences -> Advanced tab has been renamed to "Initial result start date more than this number of days ago", to better reflect what it does.
  2. Unit result finish date validation. A new "Result finish date more than this number of days ago" setting has been added to Global Preferences -> Result, Unit and Award Preferences -> Advanced tab. This allows you to configure VETtrak to give a warning or error when recording or changing a result where the finish date is more than the configured number of days ago.

Finance changes

  1. Invoice register. A new Invoice Register has been added to the Utility menu -> Invoicing Utilities. This allows you to find invoices with an invoice date in the specified date range, and export the information to a spreadsheet. Buttons allow you to edit, print, email or pay any of the found invoices.
  2. Outstanding balance display. Tree nodes for invoices within the "Invoices (invoiced to client)" node in the Client Manager, and the "Invoices" node in the Employer Manager, will now show the outstanding balance for any part-paid invoices.
  3. Invoiced enrolments display. Expanding an invoice in the Client Manager or Employer Manager will show an "Invoiced enrolments" node in addition to the payments. Expanding this node will display any enrolments or bookings that have pricing items that are included in the invoice.
  4. Recalculate client occurrence enrolment pricing. An issue causing the merge template on enrolment-level pricing to not be set when using the Recalculate Enrolment Pricing wizard for occurrence enrolments has been fixed.

Data Insights changes

  1. Relationship between "client class" and "client enrolment". A "client classes" relationship has been added to "client enrolment" to get all classes in the enrolment's occurrence that the client is in. An opposite "client enrolment" relationship has been added to "client class" to get the client's enrolment in the occurrence that the class is in.
  2. Use header toggle. Clicking the "Use" header will now only toggle the Use tickboxes for rows that are currently visible in any grid filtering or grouping that has been applied.
  3. Bulk update enrolment dates. A new "Update dates" bulk action has been added when retrieving client enrolments. This allows you to update the start and/or finish dates of the selected enrolments in bulk. For safety reasons, the enrolments you select must all have the same start or finish date, in order to update that date.

CRICOS importers and exporters

Various utilities have been added to the Utility -> CRICOS menu to allow some spreadsheets exported from PRISMS to be imported into VETtrak, and to allow some CRICOS data in VETtrak to be exported to a spreadsheet for import to PRISMS.

  1. Import CoE and student details. This wizard will import a CoE and student details spreadsheet from PRISMS, to create or update CRICOS courses, clients, and CoEs in VETtrak.
  2. Import student contact details. This wizard will import a student details spreadsheet from PRISMS, to create or update clients in VETtrak.
  3. Import welfare arrangements. This wizard will import a welfare arrangements spreadsheet from PRISMS, to update the welfare arrangement details on CoEs in VETtrak.
  4. Export student contact details. This wizard will export contact details for CRICOS clients that have been modified since the last export, for upload to PRISMS.
  5. Export payment details. This wizard will export the initial payment details for CoEs that have been modified since the last export, for upload to PRISMS.
  6. Export course costs. This wizard will export CRICOS course costs, for upload to PRISMS.

Other changes

  1. Client update QA. You can now update the secondary email and secondary mobile fields when QAing a client update from the student or trainer portals.
  2. "Report this qualification as". The "Report this qualification as" field in the Qualification wizard will now display the currently-selected one, even if it has been moved to a different training package.
  3. Duplicating occurrence class tasks. Duplicating an occurrence will now include tasks linked to classes.
  4. Employer clear button. The "Clear" button on Employer fields will now save correctly when "Use searches when selecting employers" has been turned on.
  5. Tax File Number duplication check. In VET FEE-HELP, if another client already has the Tax File Number being entered, the message will now indicate which client already has that Tax File Number.
  6. Client importer file type. The Client Importer wizard now correctly determines the type of the import file when the filename is typed into the wizard (instead of using the Browse button).
  7. Duplicate occurrence/enrolment issue. An error that can occur when duplicating an occurrence or copying to or from a profile, when the enrolment or occurrence has costs or contact records, has been fixed.
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