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Resizing and moving booking list columns

Bookings are listed in the Booking Manager. To open the Booking Manager, choose Manage > Bookings from the menu, or press F3 on the keyboard. Alternatively, click the icon on the toolbar or from the Dashboard.

Click and drag any of the column headers that have an icon into the grey area to group the list of bookings.

Most columns can be resized. Resizing is performed on the column headings and is replicated for the bookings list.

The column width of the major headings control the maximum space that their sub-headings can take up.

To resize a column:

  • Position the mouse over the end dividing line for the column.
  • The mouse cursor will change to to indicate the column can be resized.
  • Click and drag to the new size and release the mouse button.

NOTE: The cursor will not change if the column is one that cannot be resized, such as Notes.

All sub heading columns can be resized vertically too. position the mouse at the bottom of the column to and resize when the mouse cursor changes.


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