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Printing Student Cards from the VETtrak Hosting Service

It is possible to produce cards for your students (e.g. ID cards, license cards, etc.) directly out of VETtrak. This is achieved by using a custom report to produce your cards and then printing those cards directly to your card printer from VETtrak. To request a card report, submit a report request via the VETtrak Support Centre, or using the 'Report Request' button above. You should submit a Word or Publisher template with the exact dimensions of your card including the layout and information you wish to have displayed on your cards. We will then produce a VETtrak report that replicates your template.

While most printers will generally work automatically from the VETtrak hosting service without any additional steps required on your part, some card printers will not work correctly when using our VETtrak hosting service. Our hosting servers run on Windows Server 2012 R2 and we use their Easy Print technology for seamless printing. Unfortunately, many card printer manufacturers do not get their drivers signed by Microsoft for Windows Server 2012 R2. This can result in a sub-optimal printing experience.

If you are considering the purchase of a card printer, it is recommended that you consider choosing one that has been certified to work with Windows Server 2012 R2. You can check whether a printer is certified by going to the Windows Server catalog at

We have previously worked closely with PPC and have configured PPC Card Printers to work in the VETtrak Hosting Service. Their printers are not compatible with Easy Print but they are listed on their website as compatible with Windows Server 2012 and do work for a number of our VETtrak hosting users.

For other models, please contact us for advice.

If you have a PPC card printer, please contact us as we need to make some changes to your hosting account to allow you to print.

If you already have a card printer, but it does not work with the VETtrak hosting service, it is possible to print cards indirectly from VETtrak through the use of the PDF export option. After running your card report, instead of printing directly, right click the page and select 'Save', 'PDF file...'. Once you have saved your PDF file, you can then copy this to your local computer and print it there. More information about downloading files from the hosting service is available here.



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