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NSW: Creating a Skill Set based off an Activity Schedule

Should you receive documentation regarding offering a Skill Set as part of your scope, you will likely receive a document known as an Activity Schedule which communicates specific reporting needs. To enter this information into VETtrak, You will first need to locate the following item from your activity schedule:

Then in VETtrak, go to Manage and choose Qualifications:

Within here, expand Course Based and select 'Add new course' like so:

You then need to enter the details from your activity schedule like so, ensuring the Yes is VET box is ticked:

It may seem odd that you are entering what appears to be the code in both the 'Code' and the 'Name' fields, however this is how it needs to be reported!

On the second page you will need to enter non-specific reporting items to communicate the role of this Skill Set within your VETtrak system, then press 'next' until you complete the wizard:



You will then simply need to select this course when enrolling a student, like so:

This will then report the Skill Set details correctly as part of your AVETMISS generation!

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