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VETenrol Release Notes - January 2017

New Features



  • A new Export Report has been added. This allows a customised report per VETenrol instance and is intended for clients utilising custom fields.
  • The Log File Report has been updated to include a phone number, so RTOs can potentially contact people who abandon the registration process.
  • Registrations page now includes Registration Type and Occurrence Date columns.
  • Registration Details now includes the Pricing Item as part of the Payment Details section.
  • Registration Details now includes the credit card gateway code returned. This was previously available via a secondary login. The secondary login in still required to view the sensitive details.
  • Data for some pre-existing fields can now be passed into VETtrak:
    • Employer ABN
    • Centrelink Expiry Date
    • Centrelink Customer Reference Number
    • Job Seeker ID
    • Nationality
    • Visa Effective Date
    • Country of Passport
  • An error check has been added to prevent some Apple devices ignoring maximum field length.
  • Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) is now Victorian Skills First Program (SFP).
  • VET FEE-HELP is now VET Student Loans.
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