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Updating the VETtrak Trainer Portal

Before updating your portal, please read!

It is important that you take the latest copy of the web.config file provided in the update files.  Do not copy your old file back into the portal after the update as you may break your portal.  To simplify your update follow the insturctions below.

When updating from a previous version, your Web.config configuration settings and your NLog.config configuration settings will both be overridden with the defaults from the new files.

Before you perform the update we recommend you take note of any custom configuration you have set and then reapply this customisation after the update. We recommend taking a copy of your existing Web.config file and placing it somewhere safe prior to updating so you have it to refer back to after updating.

Please note that System Requirements will sometimes change between versions, you should review the System Requirements to ensure you have everything you need before updating.

 Step 1: Download the VETtrak Trainer Portal Update File

To do this, you will need to log in to the VETtrak Customer Centre to access the Downloads section

Within here, the item you require will always be listed with the name 'VETtrak Trainer Portal', followed by a version number. The number will change as we update the trainer portal, but the name will always be what you are after! Click the item to prompt your browser to then save the file to your computer.

Before you unzip the VETtrak Trainer Portal update ZIP file, right-click it and select Properties. Within here, check the General tab. If there is an Unblock button, saying that the file has come from the internet, click the Unblock button followed by OK:


 Step 2: Extract to your VETtrak Trainer Portal folder

You will then need to extract the contents of the ZIP file into your VETtrakTrainerPortal folder on the web server. The default location for this is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\VETtrakTrainerPortal.

Clear out the existing contents of this folder by moving them to the recycle bin.

Once you have successfully completed the extraction, the location should then appear with the following files and folders:

At this point the update itself has been completed!

You can now make changes to the Web.config and NLog configuration files as per your previous settings. It is also worth noting that should you wish to access new functionality that may have become available as part of the update, you can access these options now.


A Final Note

If you did not record the details of your Web.config configuration settings and your NLog.config configuration settings, you will need to re-enter the details to configure your Trainer Portal.

For detail information on doing this, please view our Trainer Portal configuration guides:

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