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VIC: How to Supersede a Qualification in VETtrak

When a qualification is superseded and a client is transitioned to a superseding qualification, it is now required for you to report that the enrolment in the new qualification supersedes the enrolment in the old qualification. In addition, units that were partially completed in the old qualification, and continue in the new qualification, need to be reported as withdrawn in the old enrolment, and the hours for the same unit in the new enrolment adjusted to subtract the withdrawn hours. 

Superseding a Qualification in VETtrak

Firstly, create the new qualification in the Qualification Manager if it doesn't already exist. Do this by navigating to the Manage menu, and selecting Qualifications. Within here, expand the Training Packages heading, and expand the Training Package that the Qualification will belong to. Right click on the Qualifications heading to select Add new qualification:

Complete the Qualification Wizard to add your new qualification

Edit the old qualification in the Qualification Manager, and set the status field to "Non-current".

This will make the Qualification superseded by field available on the second page - in this field, select the new qualification that supersedes this one.

Amending a Students Enrolment Details to Reflect the Superseded Qualification

For a client's enrolment that needs to be transitioned from the old to the new qualification, record a Withdrawal for each unit that is continuing into the new qualification, with the correct number of attended hours.

Create a new (or edit a second existing) enrolment that will supersede the old one, and select the new qualification.

Add the units for the new qualification, including any that are continuing in this superseded enrolment. On the VIC state page, the new "Supersedes enrolment" field will list the client's enrolments that have a qualification that is marked as 'superseded by' the qualification on this enrolment, so select the old enrolment that is being superseded by this new enrolment (this will also set the new enrolment's enrolment date to the same as it was in the selected superseded enrolment).

When you click Next, VETtrak will look for any units on the new enrolment that are withdrawn in the superseded enrolment. For any that it finds, it will automatically reduce the hours of those units in the new enrolment by the withdrawal's attended hours in the superseded enrolment. VETtrak will display a message informing you of the unit hours that will be adjusted when you save the enrolment, or warn you if the data is not available to perform an automatic adjustment.

When you generate VIC AVETMISS, the qualification from the selected "supersedes enrolment" (or its "report this qualification as", if one is selected) will be reported as the "Associated course identifier" in the NAT120 file for all units in the superseding enrolment.

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