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NSW: Smart and Skilled Error 'row/cell records found in the wrong place'

For customers utilising the Smart & Skilled Provider Calculator Export functionality within VETtrak, you may have encountered an error stating 'row/cell records found in the wrong place':

This error is due to a change that was actioned in the 1.9 Provider Calculator Data Specifications that affected the format of the accepted spreadsheet upload - Namely a change to the column headers in the document. This is set to be fixed in a future VETtrak update.

In the short term, there is a fix that can be applied to action the upload as normal - by amending the exported spreadsheet that comes from the VETtrak system.


To solve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Process the Smart & Skilled Provider Calculator Export within VETtrak as normal, Exporting the details and opening the document.
  2. Download the 'bulk_upload_template.xls' file attached to this article
  3. Copy the Row Headings from the downloaded bulk_upload_template.xls file:
  4. You can now paste these row headings to replace the existing headings in your exported Smart & Skilled Provider Calculator Export:
  5. You can now save the document, and upload as normal.

This process amends the document exported from VETtrak to match the required upload format that is required by STS Online after the 1.9 Provider Calculator Data Specifications. 

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