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USI: Registering for a Device AUSkey

A Device AUSkey identifies a business rather than a person - within VETtrak it serves as a means to identify your organisation to the USI Web Services when attempting to use features related to the Unique Student Identifier, such as verifying an existing USI or creating a new USI.

It is important to note that VETtrak requires a Device AUSkey for its USI functionality - an existing regular AUSkey will not work.

Registering for a Device AUSkey

You will need to access your AUSkey manager, by visiting and logging in via the section provided.

If you have an Administrator AUSkey you can register for a Device AUSkey in AUSkey Manager under Register for Device AUSkey.

As part of the Device AUSkey registration process you will need to:

  • enter a Device name – You can simply put 'VETtrak' in here; it does not have to match your server IP address.
  • select a custodian - the custodian is in charge of installing the AUSkey and is the main contact for the Device AUSkey. The custodian can be yourself or any AUSkey user for your business. We recommend the custodian to be the same person who manages your business information technologies.

Once you submit your application the custodian will receive an email containing a link to download and install the Device AUSkey, which will be an XML file.

At this point you may be prompted to install a browser plugin to save the AUSkey - More information for this is provided on the AUSkey website: Download software for AUSkey

Setting up your Device AUSkey

If you are the custodian you will receive an email with a link to download and install the Device AUSkey.

The Device AUSkey can then be installed in the appropriate location for your VETtrak system to utilise it.

If you are a VETtrak Hosted Customer, you will need to forward your Device AUSkey to our support email address so we may establish it in your Hosted VETtrak system.

For further steps regarding Installing/Selecting your Device AUSkey, Please see the following article: USI: Selecting an AUSkey device key for organisation

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