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USI Error: 'Business User Credential expired on [XX/XX/2016 X:28:59 AM].Event Code: [E2015]'

For customers utilising Unique Student Identifier (USI) functionalities within VETtrak, you may encounter an error stating 'Business User Credential expired on [XX/XX/2016 X:28:59 AM].Event Code: [E2015]'

This error communicates that the Device AUSkey in use by the organisation has expired as per Device AUSkey specifications, which dictate that the lifespan of a Device AUSkey is two years. For more details regarding expiring device AUSkeys, you can read an information page on the USI website here.

The solution for this issue is a quick process that involves registering a new Device AUSkey by visiting the Australian Business Register website:


Registering a Replacement Device AUSkey

You will need to access your AUSkey manager, by visiting and logging in via the section provided.

If you have an Administrator AUSkey you can register for a Device AUSkey in AUSkey Manager under Register for Device AUSkey.

As part of the Device AUSkey registration process you will need to:

  • enter a Device name – You can simply put 'VETtrak' in here; it does not have to match your server IP address.
  • select a custodian - the custodian is in charge of installing the AUSkey and is the main contact for the Device AUSkey. The custodian can be yourself or any AUSkey user for your business. We recommend the custodian to be the same person who manages your business information technologies.

Once you submit your application the custodian will receive an email containing a link to download and install the Device AUSkey.

Setting up your Device AUSkey

If you are the custodian you will receive an email with a link to download and install the Device AUSkey.

If you are a VETtrak Hosted Customer, you will need to forward your Device AUSkey to our support email address so we may establish it in your Hosted VETtrak system.

You will then need to install your Device AUSkey into the appropriate location as dictated within the VETtrak Organisation Wizard:

If done correctly it is likely you will be prompted to over-write your existing Device AUSkey, as the process detailed here aims to replace the old one entirely.

Once you have selected the correct file, press the Open selected key store button.

The AUSkey device key for organisation should be set automatically.

Enter your AUSkey password to complete the set up process - You can then press the Check button to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Completing this configuration process will reinstate your USI functionality!

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