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Submitting a Report Request

Within the VETtrak Customer Centre we have formulated a Report Request Form that allows our report writing staff to ask the questions required to avoid the many pitfalls that can lead to a report being delayed, or even being created with avoidable issues present in the reports logic.

This article will cover how Report Requests can be submitted via our website using the 'Custom Report Requests' option. Submitting via this option allows us to make sure no details are missed.


Accessing the Report Request Form

To access the Report Request area and get this submitted, you will need to sign in to our website via the Customer Centre button on the main page, or by clicking here:

​Once you are signed in, choose the Support Centre option:

Within this area, you will need to select the Custom Report Requests option to get started:

The following page contains detailed information about the Custom Report Request process - as well as your Report Credit Balance. To action your report request, scroll down and press the 'Next' button:


Filling out the Custom Report Request Form

Information Page

The first page contains information about custom reports, standard reports, custom report credits and FAQ. To continue with your report request, scroll down and press the ‘Next’ button.

Note: You may notice help icons like this through-out the form mceclip1.png hover your mouse over these to reveal more information about each section of the form.


Type and Category Page

This page is beginning of the Report Request Form, it will start by asking your Request Type and, if needed, your Report Category. Remember if you are at all unsure what options to select here hover your mouse over the help icon for more information on what each option means.


Choose you Report Request Type and Request Category, for example:

  • I want to make changes to my award report.
  • I want to create a new report that exports data from our VETtrak database.
  • A report has broken, and I need it repaired.

Note: The Report Repair and Report Enquiry Report Request Types do not require a report category to continue to the next page.
Report Repair requests can only be submitted if the custom report was developed by a VETtrak report writer, custom reports developed or edited outside the VETtrak custom report writing team should be submitted under Change to Existing Report.

The next pages in the form will change depending on what is chosen here.

Name of the Report and How the Report should Run

This page will show if a Request Type of New Report or Change to existing Report was selected. New Report requests will ask you to provide the name of the of your new report in addition to how the report should run. Change to existing Report requests will ask you to provide the name of your existing Report File (if utilising the hosting service) and whether you want changes to how the report should run.


Custom reports can be configured to overwrite existing right-click report options via the Mapped option or configured to accept user-input via the Dialogue Filters option. More information on how these options work within VETtrak can be found by hovering over the help icon in the top right corner of each button.

Note: If you are requesting a Change to existing Report and don’t want to make any changes to the way the report runs the no change option will be selected by default and can be left as is.

If the Dialogue Filters option is selected, the next page will prompt you to create at least one dialogue filter. More information on how dialog filters can be created can be found in the Dialogue Filter Article.

Report Template and Description

This page will allow you to upload any Supporting Documents to add to your request. Supporting files can include report templates, documentation, logos & other Images.

Our report writers will build reports based off templates provided here, depending on what kind of report you're requesting we prefer templates be delivered in either Microsoft Word or Excel file formats. If you are providing us with logos or other images, we prefer them sent to us as high-resolution JPEG files.

The description field can be used to include additional comments that you feel are relevant to the report. i.e. ‘Please display a students ‘Other’ name if they have one, otherwise, display their given name and surname’.

Final Steps and Summary

If you have any additional contacts that you’d like notified about updates to your request, you can nominate them on this page. All nominated contacts will be CC-ed into our correspondence with you.

After confirming those final steps, you'll be shown a summary of your request. Review the request summary to confirm the details are correct and then click the Submit button to send your request.

Report request reply times may vary depending on workload however our report writers will endeavor to reply to your report request within 5 business days.


Viewing your Report Request

Active requests can be viewed on the My Activities page within the Support Centre by clicking on your account button in the top right of the screen and selecting the My Activities option from the drop down list.


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