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Submitting a Report Request

Within the VETtrak Customer Centre we have formulated a Report Request Form that allows our report writing staff to ask the questions required to avoid the many pitfalls that can lead to a report being delayed, or even being created with avoidable issues present in the reports logic.

This article will cover how Report Requests can be submitted via our website using the 'Custom Report Requests' option. Submitting via this option allows us to make sure no details are missed, and allows you the opportunity to flag the request as urgent.

Accessing the Report Request Form

To access the Report Request area and get this submitted, you will need to sign in to our website via the Customer Centre button on the main page, or by clicking here:

​Once you are signed in, choose the Support Centre option:

Within this area, you will need to select the Custom Report Requests option to get started:

The following page contains detailed information about the Custom Report Request process - as well as your Report Credit Balance. To action your report request, scroll down and press the 'Next' button:

Completing the Report Request Form

​The next page is the Report Request Form, and will ask relevant questions to help us get the request completed as efficiently as possible:​
​The form here will ask some specific questions, for example - 

 'Type of report' - What type of request is it?

  • Are you requesting a brand new report be created?
  • Is it an existing report, that requires a change be made - such as formatting or additional information be added?
  • Has the report stopped functioning due to a VETtrak update, and therefore needs to be fixed to work once more?

 'Report Category' - What type of report is it?

  • The report is a Certificate or Statement, a.k.a an 'Award' report. These do not incur a Report Credit cost when being amended or created however awards that can be created using the Self-Service tool may incur a credit cost.
  • The report is a Custom Report, meaning it is a unique report that you, as a customer, have request be made. A Report Credit is used when submitting a request.
  • Inbuilt replacement (eq Invoice, receipt etc) - The report is an amendment to an Existing VETtrak System Report, such as a formatting change or a tweak to the reports functionality to better suit your organisation. A Report Credit is used when submitting a request.

The following section will change depending on the criteria chosen, for example a New Report Request will ask for a Name to be chosen for the report, whereas a Change to an Existing Report will ask for you to select the report file so it can be uploaded for the report writing officer to make the required changes. This is the same when requesting a Report Repair - we will need the report file itself so we can process the fixes required.

If you utilise the VETtrak hosting system, you will not be required to upload the report file. Instead this process will ask that you type the Report Name so that our report writing staff can locate the file.

a Report Sample will be required as an example of how you would like your request to be formatted, and serves as a template for our report writing staff to use when making your new report, or amending an existing one.

The Description field can then be used to attach additional comments that you feel are relevant to the report and may be hard to communicate within the template itself. (ie 'Please display a students 'Other' name if they have one, otherwise just show their Given name and Surname' - 'If the Student has completed a First Aid unit, please show the 'Expiry Date' for that unit)

When requesting a Custom Report you will also have access to a grid that displays common report criteria, like the following - with each field showing an example of how that criteria can be used on the right hand side:

​You can then tick the criteria you wish to use and clarify by typing in the text box - For example, ticking 'Date Range' and specifying 'Unit Result Date' if the report was designed to look up Unit Information.

If you have a Supporting Document to aid your request, you can then select it at this time. This might be a logo file that is required for the reports creation, or even a government issued document that provides insight into the data the report is looking up. If you have multiple supporting documents, you can zip them into a single file and attach that.

Finally, you can choose a Report Request Priority to communicate how this report might impact business processes:


Note: a company can only utilise a single 'Urgent' flag at any one time.

With the form completed, you can submit the request and receive your Ticket Number - this is beneficial should you wish to contact us and discuss the request. Quoting this number to our Support Staff allows them to look up the details immediately and identify the support officer associated with the request.

With this completed, your request has been successfully submitted and is now set to be processed and completed!

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