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How to change the way courses are displayed in VETenrol

VETenrol, by default, will list a programme under the Available courses list if the programme has at least one valid occurrence published.

Occurrences are considered valid and therefore displayed when a programme is selected if the start or finish dates of the occurrence fall within three months of the current date. The three month cut off is the default value of the Months To Show setting and can be adjusted.

Occurrences are displayed until their finish date, but do not allow registrations after the start date.

VETenrol offers a number of settings that will alter this default behaviour in ways that may be unexpected. This article explores some of the options VETenrol offers and the setting combinations used to make them work.


Display the Enquiry form

The enquiry form can be displayed for programmes that do not have any current occurrences published in VETtrak, but that have had published occurrences in the past.

To use the enquiry form, choose Settings > Site Settings and enable the following settings from the Courses section:

  • Show all Programmes.
  • Enable enquiries on expired programmes.

In addition, the following must be unticked:

  • Show all occurrences

NOTE: There must also be an old occurrence (ie. out of date) published for online enrolment in your VETtrak for the programme to display.


Accept registrations for an occurrence until the finish date

This method is beneficial for clients wanting to accept rolling enrolments, and/or for courses where there are no formal classes.


Choose Settings > Site Settings and enable the following setting:

  • Allow enrolment in expired occurrences, from the Courses section.

In addition, the following setting must NOT be ticked:

  • Show Close Dates, from the Occurrences section.


Close registrations for an occurrence prior to the start date.

This option is useful for ensuring a minimum amount of time available for processing the final registrations prior to classes beginning. This will apply to all occurrences for a particular programme and cannot be set for individual occurrences.


Choose Settings > Site Settings and enable the following setting:


  • Show Close Dates, from the Occurrences section.


Choose Programmes > Close Dates and create a new close date for the programme.



No Date Overlap

This is a setting that can only be enabled by VETtrak support for your VETenrol account.

It will change VETenrol's default behaviour to only show occurrences for a programme where both the start and finish dates for the occurrence fall within the three (or value of Months to Show) months from the current date.



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