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SMTP Server

SMTP Server is a section of the General Settings page, which is available from the Settings menu.

Completing these details will enable VETenrol to send all automated notifications via the specified mail server instead of using VETtrak Pty Ltd's mail server (not the details entered in the email preferences of the VETtrak software).


  • Enter the 'Server' address. For example:
  • Enter the 'Username' and 'Password' to access the server.
  • Specify the 'Port' the server uses for sending mail.
  • Tick 'Use SSL/TLS secure connection', if applicable.
  • Click the 'Save' button for General Settings to commit the change.

Your SMTP details could be set up in your VETtrak, in which case you can view them there to ensure you have entered the right details for VETenrol.

IMPORTANT: If your mail server uses a port that is NOT the default 25 or 587, please let us know so we can unblock that port on our firewall.


Once the details are saved, a 'Test' link will appear in the bottom corner of the section.


  • Click 'Test' to open a pop-up window and send a test email.


  • Enter an email address in the Recipient field, such as your work or personal email.
  • Click the Send Test Mail button.
  • Check that the email has been received.
  • If there is an error sending the email it will be noted on the Mail Test page. Hopefully this will give your Mail Administrator some diagnostic information needed to fix your mail server settings.

If you do encounter an error and you are using a live site VEtenrol site, remove the SMTP server setting and VEtenrol will revert back to using the VETtrak mail server. If you are unable to diagnose the mail issue internally, send a copy of the error message to We will also need to know the SMTP address, and type of service you are working with.


  • Check the password has not expired on the authorised account.
  • Check if your mail server requires this user account to have special access permissions.
  • Your mail server may require you to set an authorised IP range, this range is


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