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Hosting IP Range/Port Details

In order to make sure the Hosting Service works efficiently, you'll want to make sure a firewall or other network device is not blocking access to our hosting servers. Usually, you'll need to allow the following port outbound for the IP range listed below: 


IP Network
Port Number

TCP 3389 (UDP 3389 and UDP 3391 also recommended for optimal performance)


In addition to this, you should ensure that has been whitelisted in your firewall. You can navigate to that link to check whether you will need to set a rule, or whether you already have access. 


If you have difficulty with your network provider allowing these outbound ports we are implementing a service that tunnels your RDP sessions over port 80/443 which are standard internet ports.  Please contact us for more information.

If you are also configuring Email settings within the hosted environment, you may require the following details:

Email IP (Outgoing)

Typically, explicit connections use port 587, implicit connections use port 465, and non SSL connections use 25.

Our hosting environment utilises a Firewall preventing outbound connections on unusual ports for security reasons. If your email server uses a port other than 25, 465, or 587; contact VETtrak with your mail server details to request that your mail server be unblocked in our environment.

Please note that your client machine must support TLS 1.2 encryption.

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