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SMTP Server changes for sending VETenrol mail

To date, VETenrol has always used its own mail servers for sending notification e-mails to staff and participants upon registration, enquiries, or for general emails.

This is now changing with VETenrol providing settings for entering a SMTP server via General Settings. All clients will be required to use this feature for sending email via VETenrol.

These SMTP Server settings have been added so that an organisation can use its own mail server to manage VETenrol notifications. Generally, you should be able to copy these settings from VETtrak, but some further configuration of your email may be required on your end to allow this to occur from the VETenrol server.

The reason for this change is twofold:

  1. Clients are frequently unable to receive their "internal" email notifications due to the email addresses having the same domain but originating from an external source.
  2. Improved security and reliability.
    • You will be able to troubleshot your own email issues with your own IT department, rather than relying on VETtrak support.
    • Should the VETtrak mail service be disrupted, your notifications will not be affected.


  • SMTP Server section via General Settings of the VETenrol Admin.
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