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Trainer Portal 18.2.x Release Notes - 27/07/2018


Must be running VETtrak version 18.2.1.x.

Release notes - 27/07/2018

Version is a minor update from version This version is mainly focused on bug fixes.


  • Added employer column to class students view.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed analytics behavior
  • Fixed touch events on tablets

Release notes - 13/07/2018

Version 18.2.1 is a minor update from version 18.2.0. This version introduces some new features as detailed below as well as usability enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Files - Added support for viewing Upstream documents to for enrolled units and enrolments.
    (requires VETtrak Upstream add-on registration).
  • Class view - Distribute documents ion task / unit - Added functionality to be able to distribute files at the units/tasks level under class view.
  • Dashboard Page - Multiple Email - added ability to email multiple students by client search from the main dashboard.
  • Student View - Task Signature - Trainers and students can now sign for single task status updates. This was previously only accessible when recording activity on a class.
  • Student  View - Messages - Message view now has a consistent date format.
  • Schedule - iCal - Updated ICal to show more information in event names.
  • Schedule - Viewing Events - Events that are added by the Trainer and subject to QA will now be displayed in the Trainers calendar straight away. This feature can be turned off in VETtrak Trainer Portal preferences: see Setting Up Trainer Portal Preferences in VETtrak 18.2).
  • VETtrak global configuration

Other Changes

  • Security - Added anti forgery tokens for extra security on all forms.
  • Compatibility - Fixed the newest version of IE bypassing checks when recording signatures and breaking.
  • Autostart - Removed autocomplete of enrolment start and end for unit results.
  • External link - The external link menu item is now updated on user login instead of app pool refresh.
  • SMS Calculations - Fixed an issues where the SMS calculation for bulk messages on the dashboard was not working properly.
  • Email multiple files - Fixed an issue that prevented multiple attachments from being sent on class emails.
  • Linked enrolled units - Linked enrolled units now auto start when class attendance is recorded (if setup in VETtrak).
  • List Ordering - Fixed an issue with ordering on the My students page that was excluding lower case names.
  • Analytics - Enabled Google Analytics in portal for usage and usability analysis. Note: This feature may be disabled through VETtrak General Preference with Global preference "Enable usage summary data upload" being turned off.



Must be running VETtrak version 18.2.0.x


Release notes  - 11/05/2018

This is a minor update, mainly addressing bugs found in the release.


  • Name display has been updated to the standard VETtrak format with sorting by Surname, Given: and format: "Surname, (Preferred name) Given (Client code)"
  • Added some Web accessibility improvements.


  • Added the ability to search for clients entering 4 or more digits of their home and mobile phone numbers. (searches - Home, primary mobile and secondary mobile normalised search fields added in VETtrak
  • Added class distributed file management to the schedule and student schedule pages.
  • Added a paperclip indicator for Quality Assurance(QA) listed items where they contain files. 
    (including signatures)
  • Added links to student A2E assessments ratings for viewing rating definitions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed enrolments without programmes not displaying a qualification.
  • Fixed adding signatures for over 25 clients at a time causing an exception.
  • Fixed an issue where the Foundation skills pop-up showed an incorrect end date.
  • Fixed a potential issue updating QA attendance on edit, when QA off for edits.
  • Fixed an intermittent error on caching version information on Portal registration validation.
  • Fixed an issue where Unit results with existing dates could be overridden due to an autocomplete.
  • Fixed an Attendance recording issue where autostarting tasks or units occurred at occurrence level rather than an enrolment level.

Release notes - 27/04/2018

The main highlights for this release are the addition of A2E Assessment viewing, Foundation Skills functionality and a new feature to enable Trainers to subscribe to their Trainer Portal calendar.

We have also been working hard to improve usability and made some optimisations to improve performance.


  • Added new functionality on the View Student page to view outcomes of completed Assess2Educate assessments.
  • Added day and week views to the calendar, with the last selection being persisted when a user moves between screens.
  • Added a recorded attendance value bar to class view.
  • Added new functionality enabling a trainer to subscribe to their portal calendar and have their events and classes viewable in their external mail application. Changes to events and classes are also pushed but subject to that functionality being available in the external application, please refer to this Support Centre article for more information.
  • Users assigned to an enrolment can now see all enrolment events for that student, but the event will only be viewable on the Trainers schedule if that event has been assigned to that trainer.
  • Added ability to attach multiple files up to 4mb to either group emails or single emails.
  • Added geolocation recording for signatures.
  • Added ability for site to remember last accessed tab when viewing enrolment items like Units, Tasks, Classes, Events and will now automatically select based on last accessed page.
  • Made "Go to" button more obvious in modal pages.
  • Added class code to calendar class items.
  • Added a loading indicator to live attendance validation.
  • Added foundation skills support for attendance and views for entitlements.
  • The Send Email button is now hidden if an email server is not configured in VETtrak.
  • Added ability to upload files against a class.
  • Added Unit duration for pre-filling end date when recording unit results.
  • Updated Navigation bar to provide more screen real estate and mobile navigation.
  • Added pre-filling of dates to single unit results view.
  • Added description to rejected QA items and the QA pop up page to display related client information.
  • Multiple performance enhancements.
  • Added a confirmation box if all signatures have not been completed before submission.
  • Added a location url that shows under class location, this can be used to display a map or other location information.
  • If there is only one client in a record attendance grid it will auto selected by default.
  • Moved "non-editable" (completed/withdrawn) unit results to bottom of result edit grid.

Bug Fixes

  • Files with commas in their name now download correctly.
  • Updated non-trainer portal events permissions are now not editable by trainer.
  • Fixed Ipad not triggering click events.
  • Fixed QA item file system not working
  • Removed unnecessary view details button
  • Can now edit competent pending QA unit results

Important Notes:

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