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Progress Portal 18.2.x Release Notes - 15/08/2018


Must be running VETtrak version 18.2.1.x.

Release notes - 15/08/2018

Version is a hotfix from version addressing a Firebird issue with the new security model.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Firebird issues with new security.
  • Moved waitlist button to header on trainee page.

Release notes - 27/07/2018

Version 18.2.1 is a minor update from version addressing minor bug fixes and changing visibility of courses. 


  • Trainee courses will now show only if they have the currently selected employer assigned at the enrolment level.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed qualification/programme names not showing on trainee awards.
  • Fixed expired accreditation count being off by a day.

Release notes - 13/07/2018

Version 18.2.1 is a minor update from version 18.2.0. This version introduces some new features as detailed below as well as usability enhancements and bug fixes. This should be considered a mandatory update for anyone on a previous version.


  • Waitlist - Added wait-list management for trainees. A Progress Portal user can now add a related person to a VETtrak wait list when viewing that persons record in the Progress Portal. The user can be waitlisted into a programme or an occurrence if there is one available.

Other Changes

  • Qualification name - Qualification name is now showing instead of programme name when available.
  • Security Enhancement - Attempting to view a Student not associated with the Progress Portal user, but enrolled in a course through that association, will now cause an exception rather than an error
  • Security Enhancement - Added security checks for viewing of trainees.
  • Trainee Search - Fixed an issue where search was returning different result set to trainee list.
  • Analytics - Enabled Google Analytics in portal for usage and usability analysis. Note: This feature may be disabled through VETtrak General Preference with Global preference "Enable usage summary data upload" being turned off.



Must be running VETtrak version

Updated version of the Progress Portal.

Release notes - 27/04/2018


  • VETtrak 2018.2 compatibility release


  • Added document database config to about page
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