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Waitlisting Clients within VETtrak

There may be times where you are required to keep track of clients waiting to enter a particular course, managed by VETtrak's Programmes and Occurrences functionality. You can add these clients to a Waitlist to keep track of them easily.


Adding Clients to a Waitlist

You can either add clients to a Programme waitlist from within the Configuration Manager, or waitlist a client for a particular Occurrence from within the Programme Manager:

In the Waitlist Entry Wizard, use the client search on the left hand side to look up the Client you wish to waitlist:

Double click to select them, so they appear in the Selected Clients on the right hand side.

Press Next to progress the wizard, displaying the Waitlist entry details:

  • Entered Date displays the date the waitlist entry was made.
  • Entered by user will display the logged in user that processed the waitlist entry.
  • Online indicates if this was processed from a web-portal or not.
  • The waitlist Programme is displayed.
  • If you wish for this waitlist to refer to a particular occurrence, you can select a Preferred occurrence by dropping down the selection box.
  • Enter a Referral source if required.
  • Enter Notes for this waitlist entry if required.

Press Next and Finish to complete the wizard.

The Waitlisted Client(s) will now appear either against the Occurrence within the Programme Manager (if one was selected) or against the Programme within the Configuration Manager if no specific Occurrence was selected:


Waitlist Features

Once you have established a waitlist, you can then make use of the Waitlisted clients to either enrol directly into an Occurrence via the Enrolments heading:

You can also utilise the waitlist as a method of communicating with interested parties by way of using the SMS and Email options within VETtrak:


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