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VTConfig Overview

is an external tool that is used to configure VETtrak. It is used to establish a connection to your Database, Enable a warning bar within your VETtrak system, or even Backup/Restore your VETtrak Database.

VTConfig can be accessed separately to VETtrak, and is located by opening the VTConfig executable within your VETtrak Folder:




We recommend that an experienced IT resource is available to manage this process.

The Connection tab is dedicated to all settings required to establish a working VETtrak Database. This can be used to configure both Firebird or SQL Server database types by making the appropriate selection at the top of the window.

From here, you can then enter the required details depending on your database type.

Pressing the Test Now button will perform a connection test and provide any feedback that is required, If the connection is successful or if an error occurs.



The Settings tab can be used to turn on a customised Warning Bar if required, or to turn off the VETtrak Splash Screen.


The Backup tab allows you to created a backed up copy of your database, similar to the Backup option within the VETtrak software.



The Restore tab allows to select a previously backed up VETtrak Database, and restore it to a working version. 

  1. Select the previous Backup File
  2. Press Restore Database

A VETtrak Database file will be created based off the backed up data.

Once the restore process has begun, Firebird will begin restoring the database. A message similar to the following will display:

Do not stop Firebird from running during this process - doing so will halt the restore procedure and result in an incomplete database file that cannot be opened.

You can check the progress of the database restoration by viewing the File Size of the restored file - to do this, locate the folder you are restoring the database to and review the Size of the file. Refresh the folder and observe as the file size increases. Once the file has stopped increasing in size, the restore process should be complete, and the database can be accessed by launching VETtrak.

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