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VETenrol Release Notes - April 2018

New features

  • Added a new payment integration for the Stripe payment service. 
  • We have rearranged the Admin area slightly to make the menu structure better fit a standard sized screen and to accommodate some of the new features.
  • Add a new Linked Occurrence feature. You can now set up an occurrence and assign linked occurrences. When a client registers for the main occurrence their registration will be automatically duplicated in VETtrak into all of the linked occurrences that have been set up in VETenrol admin. See Programmes->Linked Occurrences in VETenrol admin.
  • Added SMTP mail server functionality. You can now specify your own SMTP email server and test do a test email. This was added so that users would have the ability to trace sent emails and follow up on an non deliverable emails. This will assist users to get around the issue where email could not be delivered to an internal address from an outside source by using the VETtrak mail service. For security reasons, it will become mandatory for all users to migrate to this email delivery method later in 2018.
  • Enhanced the Eligibilities functionality. Eligibilities are a tool that enable the user to answer a series of yes/no questions that leads to a either positive or negative outcome. The most common use for this tool would be to assess eligibility for funding. When completed the user can be directed to an enquiry form, a programme registration or directed to an occurrence with a price ID selected depending on the outcome of the Eligibility test. All results are saved in VETenrol admin and can later be linked to a registration. There is also an Eligibility Builder tool that can be used to generate a URL that can be sent to someone for completion.
  • Added an option so that people with a single name can flag that in the registration process.
  • Added a date of birth rule so that anyone registering for a course must be at least ten years old.
  • Added a new status so that any registrations that have been saved for later can be viewed and if necessary allow follow up action to be taken.
  • Added a new Links page that has the common VETenrol links listed on a single page.
  • Added a new email template context for Enquiries enabling follow up emails to be sent from submitted enquiries.
  • Added Mail Summary to Reports, which lists the emails sent from VETenrol for a given date range.
  • Added a new option so that the Smart & Skilled step can be excluded by programme type in Programmes->Step Exclusions.
  • VET Student Loans - When a student completes the Vet Student Loans section the payment option now defaults to "VET Student Loans".
  • Fixed an issue where the Purchase Order number wasn't being pushed through to VETtrak.


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