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Payment Plan Providers

This functionality is a Feature by Request - If you would like it added to your VETtrak license, please contact VETtrak Customer Support on 1800 838 872 or email

VETtrak has the ability to integrate with Payment Plan Providers. This allows you to create automated payment plans to collect regular invoice payment instalments from students.

Once set up, you can then provide the opportunity for your clients to pay their owed invoices by way of direct debit via these providers.

Open the Configuration Manager by choosing Manage > Configuration from the menu. The Configuration Manager displays an alphabetically ordered explorer tree. Right-click on Payment Plan Providers and select Add payment plan provider:


This will open the Payment Plan Provider Wizard:

Enter a Name for this Payment Plan Provider.

Optionally, enter a Code.

Select a particular Product. VETtrak currently has the following Payment Plan Provider integrations. For more information, click the Provider Name in the list below to see details for that particular integration:

Archive this payment plan provider will flag the provider as inactive, and prevent it from being used in future.

Optionally, enter a Description for the provider.

Press Next to progress the wizard, to start configuring the unique requirements of your selected Payment Plan Provider Product.

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