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Student Portal Configuration - When Changes Take Affect


It is important that an experienced IT resource is available to review this information.

The student portal has configuration settings in two places (web configuration and VETtrak Global configuration manager) and VETtrak security settings under the VETtrak security manager that determine global data availability. Depending where the configuration sits and how it is checked from within the application will determine when the setting will take affect.  In general all settings take affect when the application starts for the first time or restarts (where the IIS server application pool restarts).

  1. Web.Config file: Any change to the web configuration file will cause a restart of the application and therefore all settings will be as they are set.
  2. Student Portal global configuration: Change to these settings vary depending on when the portal is checking them.  In order to optomise the user experience those settings that are deemed to be unlikely to change are set at application start while others are read when visiting a relevant part of the application that they apply too.
  3. VETtrak entity security: Where these affect menus they are checked on every page refresh.  To optomise the user experience the permissions settings are cached in memory and it may take upward of the default cache time to live interval before the change occurs.  This is a setting found in Web.Config and if not present will default to 10 seconds.  A setting of zero will effectively query the database on every check removing the optomisation. 


Web.Config settings Screen Refresh Application Startup
Company name No  Yes
Theme change No  Yes
Google maps No  Yes
Number of Dashboard classes No  Yes
Number of Dashboard events No  Yes
Number of Dashboard messages No  Yes
Number of Dashboard results No  Yes
VETtrak Student Portal Global Configuration Screen Refresh Application Startup
Account recovery settings No Yes
Show External link No Yes
Show/edit AVETMISS details Yes Yes
Allow iCal calendar subscription Yes Yes
File upload declaration   Yes
Show VET Survey  No Yes
Messaging Permissions Yes Yes
VETtrak Application security default Student role Security entity Screen Refresh
View awards Client award  Cached
View classes Client class Cached
View direct message Class message or Client message  Cached
View events Client event Cached
View enrolments Client enrolment  Cached
View tasks Enrolment task Cached
Upload documents* Document management Cached
View invoice Invoice Cached
View email Email message Cached
View SMS  Sent SMS message Cached
View units Enrolled unit Cached

* Requires the Document database add-on

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