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Eligibility Calculator

The Eligibility Calculator presents step-by-step questions typically used to determine funding eligibility. It utilises preset Eligibility Forms and operates to funnel a user to a particular price type or end point.

  • A single question is displayed at a time.
  • An answer must be selected for the customer to proceed to the next step.
  • Each answer must be Yes or No.
  • A No answer may lead to a different question than having answered Yes.

NOTE: We can develop customised eligibility forms for other uses, such as determining membership eligibility or suitability for refresher course prices. Contact support for more information.



An answer must be selected to proceed

The example screenshots depict the NSW Smart & Skilled eligibility form with demo branding.

The link used is



Ineligible outcome

Eligible outcome

Once the outcome is reached, the customer can click the Register Now button. The parameters included in the link provided to the customer will determine what will happen next.

If the link included an occurrence ID and price IDs for eligible and ineligible outcomes, the customer will be directed straight to the registration process.



Registering (Ineligible) - OccuID and price IDs for outcome provided

Registering (Eligible) - OccuID and price IDs for outcome provided

In the case where only an occurrence ID is provided, the user is still directed straight to the registration process. However the user will need to select the pricing themselves.


NOTE: Price ID Exclusions will not be listed. Any Pricing items with their ID entered as an exclusion will be removed as a choice. If this results in only one remaining price type, users will not be provided a choice for pricing.


Registering - OccuID but no price IDs for outcome provided

Otherwise the customer will need to select the missing details, such as programme, occurrence, and pricing from the main screen.



Registering - Basic link only

Registering - Programme specified in the link.

When a link has an occurrence ID or a Programme ID consider including the altCSS parameter to hide the course list (typically &altCSS=1).



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