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Video: VETtrak Wednesday Webinar - Changes In VETtrak 18.2 (1:03:22)

The VETtrak 18.2 update has a number of new features including the following major enhancements:

  • Assess 2 Educate Integration.
  • Debit Success Integration.
  • Foundation Skills further enhancements (ACSF Importer and IPG’s).
  • Attendance wizard improvements.
  • Waitlisting on specific occurrences.
  • Multiple external codes for clients.
  • New client search options.

This webinar will introduce the major new features, and follow up webinars will be conducted for some of the above separately. All changes are documented in the 18.2 Release notes.


Assess 2 Educate Integration:

  • A2E information site:
  • A behavioural science tool that helps you improvement your student completion rates through targeted intervention.

DebitSuccess Integration:

Attendance Wizard Changes:

  • New Attendance Wizard that improves efficiency when recording attendance for a class in VETtrak.
  • Works in a similar way to the Trainer Portal.

Waitlisting on Specific Occurrences:

  • No changes to Waiter program.
  • New node in Programme Manager of ‘Waitlist’.
  • Now add clients to a waitlist without using Waiter. Will be considering integrating Waiter into VETtrak with a Waitlist Manager. Seeking feedback.

Multiple External Codes:

  • Clients can now have multiple external codes for different systems, such as employee number, membership number, payroll id and other identifiers.
  • Set up External Systems in the Configuration Manager.

New Client Searches:

  • Advanced Search checkbox in Client Manager.
  • Search for clients by any combination of surname, given/preferred name, former surname, date of birth, email address, home phone and mobile phone. Searching for phone numbers will ignore any spaces, brackets or hyphens in the number.

Expected Unit Duration:

  • Set an expected duration in days against units in the Unit wizard.
  • If this is entered, when entering a start date for a result or training plan entry for the unit, and the finish date has not been entered, the finish date will be automatically calculated and set based on the start date and expected duration.
  • May be particularly useful for units that you normally deliver in consistent short time periods.

My Upcoming Events:

  • The dashboard now shows events that start today or in the future, and have the staff member set to the logged-in user. You can double-click an event to edit it, and use the button in the top-right corner to refresh the list. This display is limited to the next 10 client events and next 10 employer events for the staff member.
  • Further enhancements to the Dashboard to come.
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