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VETtrak Community Guidelines

The VETtrak Community represents a place to connect with VETtrak staff and your peers to learn, share, and collaborate. We are all on the same VETtrak team, and sharing knowledge benefits everybody. Have some feedback that can help shape the future of the VETtrak system? We appreciate that too! We all benefit from a healthy, vibrant community, and we value your contributions.

Please read through these guidelines before posting or commenting; all users are expected to be familiar with them and will be held accountable for following them.

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines exist to make sure all who participate in Community Discussion know what is expected of them when interacting with each other – VETtrak Staff are also expected to respect these guidelines as well.

When contributing to our Community, please:

  • Be respectful, friendly, and sincere
  • Share what you know
  • Ask for help and help others
  • Use appropriate tone and language
  • Encourage others, especially new users
  • Provide constructive, helpful answers and feedback
  • Give enough detail, including screenshots and links where possible
  • Relax and enjoy yourself!

Here are some things we do not permit in the VETtrak Community:

  • Do not post or link to information that is deceptive, fraudulent, threatening, libelous, harassing or hateful;
  • Do not post or link to offensive or inappropriate content or content intended to be inflammatory;
  • Do not post or link to content that promotes or encourages illegal activities, sexual services or products, or pornography;
  • Do not post or link to viruses, bots, worms, trojan horses or other malicious software, or utilize the community to post, link to, generate, distribute or promote any kind of spam;
  • Do not post or link to content that violates any person’s privacy rights;
  • Do not post or link to confidential information of VETtrak, its partners or any third party;
  • Do not misrepresent yourself or lie about your identity or affiliation or falsely imply any association or sponsorship by VETtrak;
  • Do not solicit community members for their personal or contact information for any reason. 
  • Do not post or link to content that disparages VETtrak, its partners, or affiliates;
  • Do not utilize or interact with the community in any way that violates the VETtrak Terms of Service
  • Do not provide inaccurate answers to questions; if you don't know the answer, it's better to await a VETtrak Support Officer’s answer.

We reserve the right to immediately remove any posts that do not conform to our Community Guidelines, without warning. We also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or bar a user who violates these Community Guidelines. 

If you feel a member of the community is not adhering to these guidelines, please contact us on 

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