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Allows you to set a notice appearing to users when they visit your site.

Choose Settings > Messages from the menu.


When at least one message has been created, they will be displayed in a table.

  • Click the '(Edit)' link in the ID column to make changes to an existing message.
  • Click the 'delete' link to permanently remove the message.


Messages will be displayed by to a user until that user closes the message.

Messages are shown on the main screen and through-out the registration process.

Users will continue to see messages that fall within the time period for viewing each time they visit , unless they close the message(s).

Once a user has closed a message, it generally will not show for that user again, although if significant time has passed between visits, a message may show again.


User experience


Creating a message


  1. Select the Start Date for the message.
  2. Select the End Date for the message.
  3. Enter the Message.
  4. Enter a Read More URL if you want to include a link to a webpage.
  5. Click the Save button.


See also: Message History - a report on messages the system has displayed.

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