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VETenrol Release Notes - July 2018

New Features

  • A Registration Builder is now available from the Custom menu in the Admin.
  • The optional file upload provided at the AVETMISS step can now be hidden.
  • Text can now be added to the Payment Method section in the registration process. Separate text can be applied depending on if the registration is a for an individual or a group.
  • Email notifications can be sent when new eligibilities are received, via Alerts & Notifications: New Eligibility Alerts.
  • New Linked Occurrences feature allowing users to register in a single occurrence and be automatically registered in one or more other occurrences.
  • A new Messages feature is now available. This is a tool that can be used to display a message to site visitors, for example alerting users to a planned outage. We may use the message service to display messages in your VETenrol Admin portal too. There is also a new Message Report so you can read past messages that have been sent.
  • A new page: History.aspx is now available for users to view/print their enrolment history. Details are obtained from VETtrak and are not limited to registrations placed through VETenrol.



  • Various text entry fields now offer an edit functionality to format text in an editor.
  • Sending emails and creating mail templates now features a cleaner interface.
  • The Registration page has been updated to allow searching by Location, occurrence, and Registration ID. In addition, the registration ID is now listed.
  • The Save for Later feature has been updated to allow customisation of the email sent.
  • Saved eligibility forms can now be duplicated.
  • A copy of the participant's registration details (including Skills First Declaration) can now be optionally sent via the Staff Member Alert to enrolment staff.


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