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Registration Builder

The Registration Builder, available from the Custom sub menu, provides a simplified method of creating a registration link. By choosing the desired programme details, generate a link that can be sent to users or added to your website.


The primary page elements are:

  • Workflow sets the type of URL you want.
    • Standard is the default registration type.
    • Kalendar shows links to the calendar (with the course list).
    • Rapid Registration shows direct links for rapid registration.
    • Website Widget shows the iFrame source link for the Courses Page, that will trigger Rapid Registrations (if the feature is enabled).
  • The Registration Builder section for selecting course details. Depending on your selected workflow, some elements may be hidden.
  • The Participant Details section to optionally specify some basic pre-fill details for the recipient of the link (applicable only to the standard workflow).
  • The URL, updated as changes are made to the other sections, and its copy link.


Building a Registration Link

To build a link:


  1. Select the Workflow for the type of URL you want. For this example, Standard is selected.
  2. Select a Programme from the drop-down menu. This is mandatory for all workflows.
  3. Optionally, select the Occurrence ID matching the desired occurrence.
  4. Optionally, select the Price type. This is only applicable to the standard workflow.
  5. The Participant Details are applicable to standard links only, and also require the occurrence ID to specified. If the link is intended for a single participant only, and you already know some of their details, you can also enter any of the following:
    • Given Name for the participant's first name only (do not include middle names).
    • Surname for the participant's family name.
    • DOB for the participant's date of birth.
  • The link will be generating as you make changes. Once all the desired options have been set the link will be ready for copying and use elsewhere.


  1. Click the 'copy' link.

Paste the link into a document, email or other location for use. You can also paste the link into your browser's address bar to experience the eligibility form as a user for testing purposes.

NOTE: Be sure to always use the link as it is originally built. If you open the link in a browser, the address will change for security and privacy purposes. Other people will not be able to use a link copied from your browser address bar, even though it may continue to work for you for some time.


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