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Custom Report Request Requirements - Most Common Award Report Setup

When requesting a custom award report, unless specified otherwise, there are a number of assumptions that our report writers will make. Below is a list of the most common merge fields and logic use by our report writers when writing award reports for our customers.


Running Report

Award reports will be designed to run as mapped reports accessed by right clicking on an award in VETtrak and selecting Show Award.



Award reports will be designed to export as PDF, due to the interpretive nature of exporting to Word or other document formats, we cannot guarantee that your award will export successfully in other formats.


Data Capture Logic

Award reports will have their generation restricted to one of the following 3 categories:

Certificate - The file name for the report request or template contains certificate, testamur or similar.  If the document is a record of results or academic transcript, commonly presented alongside a certificate.

Statement - The file name or template indicates that it is a Statement of Attainment, or the template indicates that only units of competency are completed rather than a full qualification.

Other - The template appears to be participation/attendance in a course or contains the title Certificate of Attendance, Participation Certificate or similar with no obvious signs of compliance requirements.

Only units with a completed result type such as Competent, RPL or Credit Transfer will be included when listing units.  The image below shows an example of an award with 2 complete units and 2 incomplete units attached.

In the case of this award, only the units marked competent would appear on the award, and the two units with no result would not be displayed. 


Merge Fields

The below merge fields will be used when you template contains labels similar to the below.

First/Given Name - Client Wizard [Given name]

Other Name - Client Wizard [Other names] 

Surname - Client Wizard [Surname]

Qualification Code and Name - Award Wizard [Training Package Qualifications] - The code and name of the qualification. When qualification streams are used the code of the reported qualification is used.

Date Completed - Award Wizard [Date completed]

Date Issued - Award Wizard [Date issued]

Date Recorded - Award Wizard [Date recorded] - this date is used if the date on your template cannot be determined

Parchment/Certificate/Statement Number - Award Wizard [Parchment]

Unit Start/Enrolled Date - Enrolment Results Wizard [Start Date]

Unit Finish/Complete Date - Enrolment Results Wizard [Finish Date]

Result - Enrolment Results Wizard [Result] - This is populated from the [Code] field from the Result Type Wizard found by editing a result type under Manage - Configuration - Result Types.


Unit Listing

Units will be listed alphabetically by code.

When there are too many units to display on the record of results continue listing the units on another page with the record of results header and footer repeated on each page.


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